If you are ready to be seen for who you really are, tap into your personal power, and live with self-trust, freedom, and full acceptance... you're in the right place



  • you're done sabotaging your success and are ready to see just how good life can get

  • you no longer want to live gaining your validation from others; you are ready to source your joy from within

  • you want to stop shaming yourself for being human so you can get on with your epic plans for world domination

  • you've done living by other people's expectations and are ready to find your voice

  • you want to reclaim your personal power with healthy boundaries

  • you know living fully alive will help you serve others on a higher level 

  • you desire to connect with your inner wisdom, develop discernment, and get connected spiritually

  • you are sick of your own bullsh*t that keeps you playing small

At the end of my coaching series with Madison, I felt less like a scattered, unsettled human and more like a whole individual with a wide, ongoing curiosity for life and a deep love for people. Like any new thing, life coaching was a risk. I am confident in saying this was the healthiest risk and investment I could make for myself.
— Jennie Kerns, Creative Writer


The biggest change that I have witnessed in myself, is simply realizing how capable I am at doing what I set my mind to, and that there are things that I am pretty dang good at. For so long I let the negative, hurtful words that others had spoken over me, be my theme song. I would constantly berate myself for being lazy, untalented, and ugly. Since working with Madison, my new found confidence and love for myself has manifested in every area that I am a part of.
— Karasyn Lindsey, Graduate student
Madison has that rare combination of faith, powerful insight and deep belief that everyone has an achievable purpose. She is a whole hearted guide, vivacious cheerleader and supportive coach for anyone who wants to uncover their purpose and use their own goodness and light to serve others. Working with Madison is transformational. I recommend her coaching for anyone who wants to confront their fears and shine.
— Christine Rose Elle, Coach and Photographer



Awake + Alive Mentorship 

This intimate 12 week group mentorship program will take you on a  journey to shed old stories, step into your power, and come alive to the woman you've been craving to be. (The woman you already are deep down).  It offers not only steps, tools, and stories to guide you - you’ll also get group coaching to better understand what is happening in your heart as you move through the life-changing material. Think mastermind meets workshop meets girl-gang meets food for your soul!


  • 6 x 90 min bi-weekly group coaching calls
  • weekly intensive soul-sermons and worksheets
  • bi-weekly meditations delivered right to your inbox
  • bi-weekly interviews delivered right to your inbox (guest experts include my own coaches, mentors, counselors, and the women I look up to most in my personal growth)
  • access to a members-only Facebook group where I am committed to supporting + coaching you daily
  • Plus the bomb accountability you'll get just from being a part of the group



This package is the perfect fit for the woman looking for support to move through limiting beliefs so she can achieve + live out her potential. With 6 month coaching you'll get individualized support to gain clarity, alignment and a bi-weekly boost to get into action!


  • 7 page Discovery Workbook
  • 1 x 90 min Intention + Discovery Session
  • 9 x 45 min Transformation Sessions — We will meet bi-weekly to dive deep, create new stories, transform pain to power, and remove blocks keeping you from living life on your terms.  
  • 2 “Lifeline Calls”  — This means if you’re facing a really difficult situation and need extra support, you can email to request a 30 min lifeline call.
  • 6 Months of Email Chat Support
  • PLUS: Action Steps after every session, worksheets as needed, recommended materials, Access to the private Come Alive Tribe Facebook community, and special goodies from me!


NOW TAKING APPLICATIONS for 1-on-1 coaching:

My free 30 minute Clarity Calls will put you at ease and answer all your burning questions.  


I now know I don’t have to be STUCK- stuck in relationships, in jobs, in mindsets, in life. Madison helped nudge me forward into who I am meant to be. I feel free and open to a new mindset, creating movement with my ideas and achieving my goals. Madison saw things in me I didn’t see in myself and believed I could do them. The whole process has been liberating and fun. I am finally a fan of myself in the most humble way, and realize I have gifts to offer the world.
— Beth Westrich, Volunteer Coordinator at Ronald Mcdonald House

I have witnessed my own self-confidence shift, I’ve observed and started to re-write my thoughts around people pleasing and devaluing myself. I fully took ownership of my unhappiness in my career and have landed a dream-job.
— Kelly Castor, Graphic Designer & Artist

what to expect:

Our meeting together will be professional, yet down to earth and totally centered on you. It is your space to think out loud, process, and create change in your life. I will serve as your sounding board, your cheerleader, team mate, and referee all in one. I will encourage you, stretch you, help you see your blindspots and help you create the changes you are longing for. We will laugh, dig deep, and walk together through the process.


MY PROMISE TO YOU:   I will show up for you. I will walk with you every step of the way. I will see you.  I will help you turn your fears into triumph, your doubt into confidence, and your shame into a vibrant, powerful story of strength. 

I promise you that investing into yourself is the most valuable investment you will ever make.  

I promise, you're worth it.

Give yourself permission.  


Ready to get started?