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Centered on radical responsibility, resilience and uncovering that authentic magic only you can bring to the table, I coach ambitious and creative women as they reclaim their power and become the heroes of their own story, the leaders they long to see, the visionary CEO’s with capacity they know they really are. 

If you’re a woman at the intersection of ambition, compassion, service and leadership, my coaching is handcrafted for you.


There is nothing wrong with you. 

In fact, it’s your compassionate heart that makes you an incredible leader. It’s your drive that brings the change you long to see. It’s your beautiful body that signals your intuition and supports you making big decisions. It’s your creative and visionary mind that keeps you innovating and pushing the needle forward.

My coaching isn’t about telling you what kind of woman to be, it's about reconnecting you to the power within. 

I know you've heard differently... maybe even feel differently. (Insert all the waiting for permission you’ve done, the seeking approval, striving, over-giving, playing small and proving your place you’ve done to be “enough” and create your dream life).

The truth is, a life of freedom, abundance and power will never come from that kind of operating system.

If you want to feel fully alive, you must shed the old stories keeping you stuck thinking you're broken. You’ve got to stop playing small to make others comfortable and tap into the magic of being human, and develop a daily life that supports your true Self.  It’s living from this place of radical worthiness, self-confidence and in your power, that will help you up-level your relationships, career, creativity and live fully alive.

(And supporting you to get there is my specialty).

you’re in the right place if you’re ready to:

  • Speak your truth more boldly. No longer demanding respect or proving your place, but instead trusting your power and embodying your truth with ease. (Communicate clearly and confidently).

  • Be more authentic in your life, relationships and work (letting go of the judgments and expectations of others, so you can let your creative genius shine).

  • Develop sovereign boundaries that allow your relationships to flourish (It’s seriously time to stop living from obligation and disappearing in your own life). You’re ready to show up and be seen as the real you.

  • Be more connected to yourself, to spirit and to your community; no longer hiding pieces of yourself from others or yourself.

  • Find clarity in your message, in your beliefs, and in your vision while letting go of the life-sucking need to “get it all right.”

  • Be free to play, have fun, make mistakes and be your quirky self; liberating yourself from the perfectionism trap that has you playing by the rules.

  • Say goodbye to the addiction to “busy” and hello to space; trusting life is for you instead of trying to do and be it all… all the time!

  • Untangle the web of old programming and generational patterns that keep you from your highest potential.

  • Step fully into your Soul’s Calling with curiosity, diligence, openness and BRAVERY. (And a plan... definitely a plan).

Are you ready to say yes to your soul's call?

Consciously choosing Madison to help mentor me this year was the best investment I have ever made! Our sessions helped me discover the stories I was putting on autopilot, heal with compassion, and foremost develop the strength & capacity to navigate my life with clarity from a place of trust and empowerment.

Using her tools and session topics, I was able to implement it all immediately after each session. Even after our sessions ended I feel so inspired, light and rich. Madison allowed me a safe space to lay bare and rediscover my authentic true self. This experience changed my life!
— Meagan B


The biggest change I witnessed in myself after working with Madison was that I started to live out of love. I started to embrace my today, and celebrate it. This journey has helped me to blossom in all areas of my life; I’m now more loving, more positive and so much more alive. I have let go of the things in life that I felt like I had to be doing, and started doing the thing I love to do. The result is that my relationships are now much more joyful and playful. I also had the courage to make a big shift in my career, and I couldn’t be happier.
— Eline T.


I work with my clients to:

  • Create clarity from day 1 with soul-filled, value aligned goals.

  • Quickly move through internal resistance, shame and old programming keeping you from the life, career and relationships you want.

  • Get curious about what’s holding you back and make quick, sovereign shifts to get you into alignment with your highest self.

  • Set yourself free from fear of judgment, expectations and perfectionism so you can create, lead and own your gifts with freedom. (Buh-bye fraudy feelings! You deserve this!)

  • Teach practical tools while offering a sacred space for the messy process of self-discovery, unraveling and integration. (A shame-free zone where you'll be stretched and called to your highest, but never judged for being human).

  • Learn how to set boundaries, communicate like a Queen with power and grace, allowing you to live from overflow, trust yourself and live from true worth instead of obligation.


  • FREE 30 minute Clarity Call + notes

  • Pre-coaching Discovery Workbook.

  • 4X60min Transformation Sessions where we will dive deep, create new stories, transform pain to power, and remove blocks keeping you from living life on your terms.  

  • 2 Months of email or Voxer support with a 48 hour reply time— giving you coaching, support, feedback and resources when you need it most.

  • Recorded calls, full notes with action steps, journaling prompts, and recommended materials after each session.

  • Plus an invite to my 9-month upper-level mastermind, Rising Sovereign.

Buzzing with possibilities? Lean in

Let’s see what magic we can create together.

I now know I don’t have to be STUCK- stuck in relationships, in jobs, in mindsets, in life. Madison helped nudge me forward into who I am meant to be. I feel free and open to a new mindset, creating movement with my ideas and achieving my goals. Madison saw things in me I didn’t see in myself and believed I could do them. The whole process has been liberating and fun. I am finally a fan of myself in the most humble way, and realize I have gifts to offer the world.
— Beth W.

When I started working with Madison, I was struggling with self-doubt in clearly communicating who I was to the world — both in my personal life and in business. When working together she called me boldly to what was possible for me while also being sensitive to and holding space for my own pace, timing, and inner-knowing.

I now have a thread of inner confidence that I didn’t have before. I also have a stronger sense of “who I am” and how I want to show up in the world. My coaching experience with Madison was life-giving, strengthening, and personalized.
— Alaya M.

Dare to live a life that ruffles feathers. Ask the questions. Uproot how it’s "always been done."  

Cuz a woman who known her worth paves her own path, chases her own dreams, and owns her truth.

what to expect FROM COACHING:

Our time together will be soulful, strategic and spacious. When you work with me you have my undivided and fierce attention, with honest and genuine coaching so you can not only think out loud, process and unravel but also put the pieces back together again with even more clarity, power, integrity and intention than ever before.

This is your sovereign call.

MY PROMISE TO YOU: If you say yes to this journey, I will show up for you and call you higher. I will walk side by side with you, reminding you of your highest integrity, pointing you to your gifts and when you forget, reminding you of who you really are. I will see you. I promise you that investing in yourself will reap ROI like no other investment you’ve ever made. It will ripple into your finances, your relationships, your creativity, your self-image, and even your ability to love others well and be loved in return.

I promise, you're worth it.


If you have questions about this program or another, I want to hear from you!

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