What the girlz are saying:

I now see that being an open-book in unsafe relationships was causing me to live in fear and hold myself back from pursuing my passions. Having that consistent confidence with what I love in life will make me unstoppable! -Jasmine

Because of this program, I am choosing to say "no" when I would rather not do something and saying "yes" to the things I really do want to do! I am so grateful for Madison’s wisdom on discovering where you begin!

Knowing now that I can say “no” and take time for myself and make sure that I am taken care of was really freeing.  It also gave me a lot of freedom to remember that I cannot control others reactions but I can control how I respond to their reactions.

The simplicity in which Madison expressed the concepts in the program really got me thinking about the mixed boundaries in my own life, with personal and business. The program sparked a realization on why I'm taking on more than I can handle when I want to help my friends. It’s time to redefine how my relationship works! -Cecile

This program made me realize that boundaries aren't like rules to a game that you read in a manual. Boundaries come from the heart and it's up to each of us to do our own digging and set our own rules if we want healthy, thriving relationships. Where I Begin' changes everything.
I had a big “aha” moment when it comes to boundaries that I could have gone my whole life without recognizing if it wasn’t for this program. -Kinsey

It felt so validating to know other women were going through the same thing. It was powerful.  -Liz

My favorite about this program was that I don’t give myself space to things I know are good for me and I enjoy - like journaling. The module around boundaries with yourself really hit home! My writing and creativity has gotten so easily pushed aside because I don't value it or see it as a legitimate reason to say “NO" to an activity. I went into the program with the mentality I had “another thing I needed to change,” but I felt feeling encouraged and inspired to give myself to my passion. -Jennie

Before taking Where I Begin I found myself frustrated I couldn’t fix the people in my life! That was kind of an oh sh*t, you can't control what people do moment! I finally feel a shift towards acceptance and gentleness, something I didn’t know boundaries could have.        

Even as a life coach myself, I didn’t realize - until taking this workshop - how much power I was still giving away, and how often I was still finding myself in “people-pleasing” mode. -Sarah

I had many ‘aha moments’ and I’ve been able to use the tools she taught in my daily life to gain peace of mind in my relationships (especially the difficult ones!) -Stacy