"Program Description.

Your Retreat (“Program”) includes:

  • 5 days 4 nights in shared accommodation at the Ahu Lani Hawaii Big Island Retreat Center and Sanctuary.

  •  Daily meals made onsite (food is included) with the option to eat offsite.

  •  Opening ceremony, meditation and intention setting.

  •  A mind-body-soul approach to spiritual healing including daily sermons and education, along with sacred circle/group coaching in a trauma-informed container and somatic experiencing.

  • Space to be hike and reflect in nature and visit the farm animals on the property. 
     Private pre-retreat Facebook group.

  •  Closing ceremony and celebration.


    During the Program, you can expect that we will:

  • Come prepared.

  • Devote our full attention to you during our time together.

  • Serve as your accountability partner and supporter.

  • Stretch you outside of your comfort zone.

  • Offer support, encouragement, feedback and guidance.

    We expect that you will:

  • Show up on time without distractions.

  • To be fully present at the sessions, which means no use of cell phones or e- mail during sessions, and not arriving late or leaving early from Program Activities or the Intensive, if at all possible.

  • To give yourself ample buffer space to transition into and out of our time and experience together.

  • Give 100% of your effort and fully commit to the Program.

  • Come fully prepared for our time together.

  • To complete any pre-work before the retreat.

  • Pay in full before December 1.

  • Be open to new ideas and willing to stretch and grow.

  • Ask any questions you may have as they arise.


Before the retreat, you can contact us via our Program email: Calls, texts, or social media communications will not be given priority and are not a preferred method of communication.

Scheduling, Timing, and Travel.

Travel: You are responsible for booking your own travel (including air and/or ground transportation) to/from Tampa, Florida. The cost of your travel is not included in your Program.

Investment and Payment.

Investment: You agree that you are financially willing and able to invest in this Program by choice, and that by so doing, you are not incurring any economic hardship in any way.

Payment in Full.

Payment by Installment.

Payment Authorization and Receipt: If paying by PayPal, debit card, or credit card, you give us permission to automatically charge your credit card or debit card as payment for your Program without any additional authorization, and you will receive an electronic receipt. If we choose to provide you with a Paypal invoice instead, you are required to manually pay it by the date due on the invoice or your Program will be put on hold until payment is made.

Missed Payment: If payment is not received by the date due or there is a problem with the payment transaction or method, you will be notified by e-mail and then have a 3 day grace period to make the payment following the due date, otherwise your Program will be put on hold. If no payment is made within the 3 day grace period, the Program will automatically terminate and you will no longer be granted access.

Refund Policy: It is our intention for you to be happy with your Program. However, because we have invested considerable time and effort in your Program, if you decide to withdraw for any reason once the Program has started, you are still fully responsible for making all Program payments, and no refunds will be provided. If you decide to withdraw prior to the start of the Program, you will be granted a 100% refund minus the non-refundable deposit of $500.


Confidentiality is important to us. We will keep all information exchanged between us during the Program confidential. We will not disclose any information that you share with us during the Program to anyone else unless: (1) they have a legitimate reason to know such information as a

If you are paying in full, your full investment must be made upon enrollment in the Program.

Program Activities: Your Retreat will include a variety of activities to support the work we will be doing together, possibly including but not limited to business discussions, beach/nature walks, various entertainment of a wholesome nature, etc (“Program Activities”).

Meals: Breakfast/lunch/dinner/snacks will be provided for you each day. It is your responsibility to communicate any dietary restrictions or food allergies prior to your Retreat.

Expenses: All expenses for your lodging, food and entertainment during the Retreat are included in your Program fees. Not included are souvenirs, rental cars or entertainment/food outside of the schedule and Program Activities which will be at your own expense.

Intellectual Property Rights.

We retain all ownership and intellectual property rights to the Program content and materials provided to you through the Program, including all copyrights and any trademarks belonging to us. The Program content and materials are being provided to you for your individual use only and with a single-user license which means that you are not allowed or authorized to share, copy, sell, post, distribute, reproduce, duplicate, trade, resell, exploit, or otherwise disseminate any portion of the Program or Program materials, electronically or otherwise, for business or commercial use, or in any other way that earns you money, without our prior written permission.

Media Release.

By participating in the Program, you consent to photographs, videos, and/or audio recordings that may be made that may contain you, your name, identity, voice and/or likeness. In the Coaches’ sole discretions, we reserve the right to use these photographs, videos, and or/audio recordings and/or any other materials submitted by you in connection with your participation in the Program (“Media”) in our current or future retreats, programs, products or services, and/or our marketing or promotional efforts, without any additional permission or compensation to you at any time, now or at any time in the future. You also agree that you give the Coaches the full right to edit, give, transfer, and exhibit the Media however the Coaches see fit. You agree to waive the right to inspect or approve any edited, unfinished, or finished Media, and you hereby hold harmless, release and forever discharge the Coaches from all claims, demands, and causes of action which you, your heirs, representatives, executors, administrators, or any other person acting on your behalf have, may have, or could have now or in the future by reason of this authorization, including any reasonable expectations of privacy or confidentiality with respect to the Media.

Personal Responsibility, Disclaimer & Release of Claims.

Personal Responsibility & Assumption of Risk: By enrolling in the Program, you hereby agree to the following:

  1. You voluntarily desire to participate in the Program and you take full and sole responsibility for your life and well-being and all decisions made before, during and after the Program.

  2. You acknowledge that you are choosing to participate voluntarily in Program Activities at the Intensive and you recognize that these Program Activities may contain certain inherent risks. You represent that you are in good health and you understand that you may decline from participating in any of the Program Activities if you deem it to be in your own best interest. You voluntarily and expressly assume the risks of the Intensive and all Program Activities.

  3. You understand that you are responsible for reading all information provided by the Coaches before and during the Intensive, including any and all Agreements, schedules, policies, procedures and notices related to the Intensive, including travel and Program Activities.

  1. Youagreetoobserveandobeyallpostedandannouncedrulesandwarnings,and further agree to follow any instructions or directions given or provided by the Coaches, the Hotel/lodging or either of their representatives or agents.

  2. You understand that you may be provided with food and possibly other products while at the Intensive and you agree to disclose to the Coaches in advance any known or suspected allergies or food sensitivities at least 7 days prior to the Intensive by sending an e-mail to the Coaches. You understand the Coaches do not and will not have any responsibility or control over food preparation or contamination; therefore, you agree that the Coaches are not liable for any act, default or omission of the Restaurants, Restaurants staff, or any outside supplier related to the food or products provided at the Intensive.

  3. You also agree to disclose in advance any physical limitations that may impact your breathing or movement, skin reactions or issues, or any other health or mental condition that may be affected during the Intensive. If you suspect that you have a medical or mental health problem, you agree to inform the Coaches and/or their agents immediately.

  4. Youagreetoseektheadviceofyourphysicianoranotherqualifiedhealthcare professional prior to and during the Intensive regarding any questions or concerns you have about your specific health situation, possible or actual pregnancy, known or suspected food or other allergies or sensitivities, dietary restrictions, or any medications you are currently taking. You understand that you are advised to speak with your own physician or mental health provider before attending the Intensive or implementing any Program Activities. You agree to not disregard or delay seeking professional medical advice or stop taking any medications without speaking to your own physician or mental health care professional.

  5. AtanytimebeforeorduringtheIntensive,shouldyouknoworfeelthatyoumaycause imminent harm to yourself, other participants, the Coaches, or any other person, you understand and agree that you are immediately obligated to let the Coaches know, and to remove yourself from the situation in a peaceful and cooperative manner; otherwise, you consent that you may be asked to not attend the Intensive, leave the Intensive, and/or have immediate physical or mental health care administered to avoid causing mental or physical harm to yourself or others. You agree that the Coaches reserve the right to decline accepting or retaining you if your physical or mental health or actions in the Coaches’ sole judgment might impede the Program Activities or Intensive or the welfare or enjoyment of the experience by the Coaches, their agents, or other attendees.

  6. You consent to the application of first-aid or other medical or mental health services to be applied if needed in connection with an emergency health problem or potentially harmful situation during the Intensive, and you agree to hold the Coaches harmless as a result of any such injury or damage you may suffer due to the application of medical or mental health services or treatment. You fully understand that first-aid or other medical or mental health services may not be readily available based on circumstances outside of the Coaches’ control.

  1. You also agree and consent that the Coaches or their agents may contact your Emergency Contact as for any physical or mental health reason and may disclose the circumstances surrounding that reason, if they deem it necessary, without liability and based on their sole discretion.

  2. You acknowledge that you are solely and personally responsible for your choices, actions and results, now and in the future. You accept full responsibility for the consequences of your use or non-use, of any information provided before, during or after the Intensive or Program, and you agree to use your own judgment and due diligence before implementing any idea, suggestion or recommendation from the Program Activities and Intensive and Program to your life, family or business. You fully agree that there are no guarantees as to the specific outcome or results that you can expect from using the information you receive on or through the Program, Intensive, and Program Activities, including no guarantees that you will have any other specific result.

  3. As with all situations, you understand that there are sometimes unknown individual risks and circumstances that can arise during the Program Activities or Intensive that cannot be foreseen or controlled by the Coaches. You understand that attending and/or participating in the Program, Intensive, and Program Activities is to be taken fully at your own risk, recognizing that there is a rare chance that illness, injury or even death could result. 

  4. You understand and agree that the Coaches are not responsible for travel reservations, airfare, fees, taxes, tips, passports, visas, customs documents of entry, immunizations, or any other necessary or recommended paperwork or procedures that are required by the laws, regulations, orders and/or requirements prior to or during inside or travel outside of the United States. You understand that you are responsible for booking travel (which is recommended at least 30 days in advance), including flight, and ground transportation to and from the Intensive. You are also responsible for bringing proper identification, which may include a valid passport, visa or other paperwork, that is valid for the requisite amount of time pre-travel and post-travel as required by the laws of your home country and the laws of the country where the Intensive is being held. You understand that you are responsible for obtaining the appropriate medical and trip/flight cancellation insurance and for knowing its applicability in the location where the Intensive is being held, if such insurance is so desired.

Disclaimer: We have used care in preparing the information provided to you, but this Program and our Program materials are being provided as self-help tools for your own use and for informational and educational purposes only. There are many factors that influence results, so

no guarantees can be made as to the results you will experience through this Program. You agree that we are not responsible for your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health, for your financial earnings or losses, or for any other result or outcome that you may experience through this Program. Nothing related to this Program is intended to be considered medical, mental health, legal, financial, or religious advice in any way. For specific questions related to a medical or mental health situation, consult your own medical or mental health professional. For specific questions related to your financial, legal or tax situation, consult your own attorney, accountant, and/or financial advisor. For specific questions related to religion, spirituality, or faith, consult your own clergy member or spiritual healer. Do not start or stop taking any medications because of anything you have read or received through this Program. By signing this Agreement, you agree that you are also consenting to the full Disclaimer which may be found on our website.

Limitation of Liability, Indemnification, and Release of Claims: By attending and/or participating in the Program, Intensive, and/or Program Activities, you agree to absolve the Coaches of any damage, liability or loss that you, or any other person, may incur from use of the information, products or materials that you receive before, during or after the Program, Intensive and Program Activities. You agree that the Coaches will not be liable to you, your family, dependents or heirs, or to any other individual, company or entity, for any type of damages, including direct, indirect, special, incidental, equitable or consequential loss or damages, for your participation in or reliance on the Program, Intensive, and/or Program Activities, or for your own personal emergencies, legal situations, theft or loss of belongings or luggage, or any food, travel, or use of the Hotel/lodging premises during or outside of the provided Program, Intensive, and/or Program Activities, at any time now or in the future, with the exception of gross negligence by the Coaches or Hotel/lodging or otherwise provided by law.

You agree that the Coaches does not assume liability for accidents, delays, injuries, harm, loss, damage, death, lost profits, personal or business interruptions, misapplication of information, physical or mental diseases, allergies, sensitivities, conditions or issues, or any other type of loss or damage due to any act, default or omission by the Coaches, Hotel/lodging, or anyone acting as the Coaches’ or Hotel’s/lodging’s agent, consultant, affiliate, joint venture partner, employee, shareholder, director, staff, team member, or anyone otherwise affiliated with the Coaches’ businesses or who is engaged in delivering programs, products, or services during or related to the Program, Intensive, and/or Program Activities.

You agree now that you fully and completely hold harmless, indemnify and release the Coaches and any of the Coaches’ agents, consultants, affiliates, joint venture partners, employees, shareholders, directors, staff, team members, or anyone otherwise affiliated with the Coaches’ businesses from any and all causes of action, allegations, suits, claims, damages, or demands whatsoever, in law or equity, that were to arise in the past, present or future by you, your family or heirs, your business or company, or any other third party or entity for any action, default or omission in any way related to the Program, Intensive, and/or Program Activities.

In no event will the Coaches be liable to you or to any party for any direct, indirect, special, incidental or consequential damages for any use of, non-use, or reliance on this Program, the Intensive, the Program Activities, or its information, programs and/or services, including, without limitation, personal injuries, accidents, misapplication of information, or any other loss, malady, disease or difficulty, or otherwise, even if you are expressly advised of the possibility of such damages or difficulties, whether caused by the fault of you, the Coaches, other attendees, other third parties, a force majeure, or any other act or circumstance outside of the control of the Coaches.

You agree to act in a manner that is respectful and considerate of the Coaches, the Hotel/ lodging staff, other third parties, and the facilities, and you agree to follow all laws, regulations and ordinances. You agree to pay for all damages to others and/or the facilities caused by any negligent, reckless, or willful action that you may take.

We will not be held responsible in any way for the information that you request or receive through this Program, including our services, products, and Program materials and any other information you have received from or through us related to this Program. You agree that you fully and completely hold harmless, indemnify and release us from any and all liability, damages, causes of action, allegations, suits, sums of money, claims and demands whatsoever, in law or equity, that you ever had, now have or may have against us in the future that may arise from your participation in the Program, including all services, products, and Program Materials, to the extent permitted by applicable law.

Other Important Terms.

Termination: If either of us want to terminate the Agreement at any time, we both agree to notify the other at least 3 days in advance by e-mail. Even after termination by either of us, all of the terms of this Agreement, including all of the Investment, Refund Policy, and Intellectual Property terms, will still apply to both of us now and in the future.

Notice: All correspondence or notice required regarding the Program shall be made to us by e- mail at and to you at the e-mail address you provided during your enrollment in the Program. Should your e-mail address, billing information, or contact information change at any time throughout the Program, it is your responsibility to provide your updated information to us within 3 days of any change.

Entire Agreement, Assignment, Survivability and Waiver: This Agreement contains our entire agreement. This Agreement may be modified or amended at any time as long as the amendment is in writing and signed by both of us. You may not assign your rights or obligations under this Agreement to anyone else, and the obligations under this Agreement shall survive indefinitely unless otherwise stated in this Agreement. If we choose to waive or not enforce one or more terms of this Agreement, it does not in any way limit our right to later enforce every part of this Agreement.

Governing Law: This Agreement shall be construed according to the laws of the County of Greene in the state of Missouri.

Dispute Resolution: Should we ever have any differences, it is hoped that we could work them out amiably through e-mail correspondence. However, if we are unable to seek resolution in 14 days, we agree now that that the only method of legal dispute resolution that will be used is binding arbitration before a single arbitrator, jointly selected by both of us, unless we both agree otherwise in writing. You understand and agree now that the only remedy that can be awarded to you through arbitration is the full refund of your Payment made to date. No other actions or financial awards of consequential damages, or any other type of damages, may be granted to you. We both agree now that the decision of the arbitrator is final and binding, and may be entered as a judgment into any court having the appropriate jurisdiction. You also agree that should arbitration take place, it will be held in the County of Travis in the State of Texas where our principal place of business is located, and the prevailing party shall be entitled to all reasonable attorneys’ fees and all costs necessary to enforce the decision of the arbitrator.

Non-Disparagement: If there is a dispute between us, you agree to not publicly or privately make any negative or critical comments about the Program, our business or us, or to communicate with any other individual, company or entity in a way that disparages the Program or harms our reputation in any way, including on social media. In arbitration or when required by law, of course, you are not prohibited from publicly sharing your thoughts and opinions.

By paying for The Way Home in your deposit you agree to this Agreement, and we both acknowledge that we have read, understand, agree to and accept all of the terms in this Agreement. You agree that you have had the opportunity to ask us any questions prior to paying, and your payment indicates that you are in agreement with all of the terms of this Agreement.