Before I started coaching I struggled with being unapologetically myself, letting go of perfection, and fully stepping into my magic and strength. I was launching my own business and knew that dulling my light was blocking me from experiencing true happiness, freedom, and success.

By the end of our first coaching session, I had clarity around what I REALLY wanted. Even my friends and boyfriend noticed the change, saying I seemed more confident, courageous and clear. 
I now have the ability to let go of what other people think and release the need to be perfect. It has felt amazing to be on the other side. I feel lighter, happier, more joyful, and at peace with who I am.
— Kelsey G.

"By the end of our first coaching session, I had clarity around what I REALLY wanted."


"I now have a thread of inner confidence that I didn't have before."

When I started working with Madison, I was struggling with self-doubt in clearly communicating who I was to the world — both in my personal life and (most challenging) as I sought to talk about and grow my own budding life coaching business.

I felt especially uncertain about how to live into my business and lifestyle desires as I was moving into a season of pause with a new baby on the way.

I am a coach so I know the power of coaching, but it had been a long time since I had invested in my own coach. I felt like a hypocrite about this and knew I needed the help and support of a fellow coach to get me over a particular hump. I could see that I had some mindset stuff preventing me from moving forward.

It took me awhile to find a coach I felt really good about working with. Madison was the first coach I felt I could trust fully with my process. She came across bright, powerful, and playful, but also totally real and grounded. I had the feeling that she would call me boldly to what was possible for myself while also being sensitive to and holding space for my own pace, timing, and inner-knowing.

After my first coaching session with Madison, I felt clear, energized and expectant. The few friends who knew the inner workings of my process could see the shift in my confidence and clarity. No longer was I wavering and unsure of what I wanted. Those friends said things like, “I love seeing the clarity you’ve found. I have no doubt that you’re going to do this.”

I now have a thread of inner confidence that I didn’t have before. I also have a stronger sense of “who I am” and how I want to show up in the world. My coaching experience with Madison was life-giving, strengthening, and personalized. I know I want to work with her again in the future. I can’t wait!!
— Alaya M.

I reached out to Madison during one of the busiest seasons in my life. I was feeling anxious and overwhelmed and was just looking for some security and freedom. Madison asked all the right questions that helped me realize that I had all the answers.

Since working together I’ve become more vulnerable and brave with friends, asking for what I need. I’m so much calmer, not panicked as easily by change, and am acknowledging my emotions.

I am so, so grateful for my time with Madison. She came into my life exactly when I needed extra encouragement and stability, and she provided more than what I expected. This season of coaching with Madison is, by far, the BEST thing I’ve done for my emotional health and for improving my relationship with myself. Every woman deserves to love herself and to come into her truth. I couldn’t recommend Madison ENOUGH!
— Hannah C.

"This season of coaching with Madison is, by far, the BEST thing I’ve done for my emotional health." 


"Coaching has helped me to face my inner-critic and confidently say: 'Actually, I can. Watch me.'"

Working with Madison was powerful and life-altering. Each coaching session made me see myself and the people around me in a different light. For so long I let the negative, hurtful words that others had spoken over me, be my theme song. Since working with Madison, my new found confidence and love for myself has manifested in every area that I am a part of. People tell me that I seem a lot happier and lighter, even people I’m not close to. Strangely enough, I got a lot of “you’re glowing!” compliments.

The biggest change that I have witnessed in myself is realizing how capable I am at doing what I set my mind to, and that there are things that I am pretty dang good at. I know that I have the tools to build myself up and therefore am not as afraid to put myself out there. I can finally see the beauty in my imperfections. Coaching has helped me to face my inner-critic and confidently say: ‘Actually, I can. Watch me.’
— Karasyn W.

I reached out to Madison because I lacked direction in life with insecurities about myself, friendships, and my professional future. I wanted self-awareness and to figure out where I was going and how to take the next step. I went into the first session still holding back, but as time went on I became more honest and vulnerable, and it helped that Madison was very easy and comfortable to talk to. I faced myself in a way I hadn’t before. Once I got in movement towards my goals, things started to flow naturally and I really got my hands dirty. Even my husband has noticed how much more self-aware and confident I’ve become.

I have witnessed my own self-confidence shift, I’ve observed and started to re-write my thoughts around people pleasing and devaluing myself. I fully took ownership of my unhappiness in my career and have landed a dream-job. As an artist, even learning how to create for my curiosity and personal growth has helped tremendously. All in all, I learned to be vulnerable, gained clarity and self-awareness I’d never had.
— Kelly C.

"I fully took ownership of my unhappiness in my career and have landed a dream-job."

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"I realized have the ability and power to do whatever truly makes me feel good!"

When I first started coaching I was overwhelmed with many thoughts and ideas, I didn’t know how to shift my focus and simply start working towards my goals.

I had never done worked with a coach before, but was excited to dive in. Working with Madison was enlightening, challenging and exciting; I’m no longer bogged down with not knowing where to start on my goals.

While going through the coaching process, my husband could tell my thinking was different. He saw I was starting to act in ways that better served me. The biggest change I’ve seen in myself is the realization that I have SO much choice in how I act. I have the ability and power to do whatever truly makes me feel good.
— Ali H.

When I sought coaching with Madison I was struggling focusing my time and energy and had hit a roadblock in my personal growth. Meeting just once I realized I didn’t need to fear my potential, in fact, I needed to embrace all all of my strengths.

I worked with my local counselor alongside Madison as my coach. Using both was an excellent tool to honor my needs and grow at the same time; not only heal from past roadblocks, but be motivated to take things to the next level. In our time together I fully grasped that I can be both strong and compassionate, vulnerable and powerful. I learned to bring my full self to the table and embrace all of myself. She provided me with an outlet, cheered me on, and reminded me of my growth. All in all, my time with Madison was energizing, enlightening, and engaging.
— Sarah C.

"I learned to bring my full self to the table and embrace all of myself."


"I feel like I have ownership over my life and deeper relationships with the people close to me.

I am so grateful that I got the chance to work with Madison. She was the ideal life coach, so genuine and such a kind heart. I felt so comfortable talking about my insecurities and she made me feel empowered to overcome them. This is definitely her calling! She really took the time to get to know me on an individual level. I always felt heard and understood. I thought I was alone in so many of my struggles, but she made me feel like those struggles can be turned into strengths.

Although my circumstances didn’t change, somehow, I feel like I have ownership over my life and deeper relationships with the people close to me. I don’t have be a victim to circumstance or the whims of the people around me, but I can make intentional decisions that align with what I value and who I want to be.
— Riana M.

Madison helped me see myself in a better, truer light and spoke encouraging words. I would advise anyone who is looking for some guidance or wisdom in their life to meet with Madison. She asks the good and deeper questions. Madison is not only giving of her time and heart, but also supplies other resources she thinks may be helpful to her clients such as podcasts or TED talks.

At the end of my coaching series with Madison, I felt less like a scattered, unsettled human and more like a whole individual with a wide, ongoing curiosity for life and a deep love for people. Like any new thing, life coaching was a risk. I am confident in saying this was the healthiest risk and investment I could have made for myself this year.
— Jennie K.

"I am confident in saying this was the healthiest risk and investment I could have made for myself this year."


"Through coaching with Madison I discovered my calling in life!"

Before coaching with Madison, I had a million thoughts running through my head every day. I was in between which path to take in life and didn’t realize that I had no idea how to organize all my ideas. Madison helped me group my ideas, dreams, worries, and everyday thoughts so that I could live each day without anxiety and to it’s fullest. Through coaching with Madison I discovered my calling in life and the perfect path for me to get there. If you feel stuck and feel like there is more for you in this crazy world, then I recommend Madison to your rescue! She will guide you through your personal success.
— Ashley S.

Working with Madison fell into my lap, before I really thought I was ready. I went for it anyways and dug into examining and shifting the way I relate to myself and the world around me: healthy boundaries, embodying my values, and thinking on my own terms and treating myself well internally. Madison’s guidance pushed me to do the hard, uncomfortable, beautiful work of truly seeing myself, and, even crazier, working towards accepting and loving everything that I see. She was standing at my side, invisibly, as cheerleader, accountability, and sacred witness. Our individual sessions were complemented by a wealth of resources, either that she produced or the work of others she pointed me to, that will still be there when I need reminders. She helped me to see the tools of empowerment, so that I can draw from them on my own. I felt seen, heard, and amplified by working with her and I think every woman deserves that.
— Kate H.
Madison has that rare combination of faith, powerful insight and deep belief that everyone has an achievable purpose. She is a whole hearted guide, vivacious cheerleader and supportive coach for anyone who wants to uncover their purpose and use their own goodness and light to serve others. Working with Madison is transformational. I recommend her coaching for anyone who wants to confront their fears and shine.
— Christine Rose Elle
If I had to be stuck on a desert island with just one person, it just may be Madison Hedlund. Why? Easy. She helps me feel safe, stay motivated, and most importantly, know I’m not alone. As a creative entrepreneur, I have felt totally lost in the jungles of standards and totally overwhelmed by the hunt for success. But after working with Madison, I have come out on top as a stronger, more grounded woman. Her down-to-earth positivity, valuable wisdom, and ability to see beyond my shortcomings and fears were game changers. She was my dream coach.
— Sharon L.
Madison has such a heart for women! She has a natural ability to make you feel comfortable and she seeks to understand you. She isn’t afraid to open up and be vulnerable. I left the Come Alive Event feeling encouraged, understood, and inspired.
— Chloe T.
Before starting this journey, I was living the life others wanted for me which had left me unsatisfied, empty, worn out and easily irritated. I was feeling stressed and stuck in expectations of the life I should be living and comparing myself to my friends. I wanted to attract love and create a life that felt fuller, and make me feel happier + more satisfied.

Going into it, I had my doubts because I’d never done anything like this before. But nothing I was doing was working so I finally got to the point of, “f*ck it, let’s go” and booked my clarity call. I was so nervous going into it because I didn’t want to sound crazy, but by the end of the first session (and every session following) I felt an emotional release, supported, and like I was making room for good things to come in my life. Madison’s way of coaching that made me feel totally understood.

The biggest change I’ve witnessed is that I can sense what I crave in life, trust that it’s what is best for me to feel fulfilled, and be okay that it isn’t what others are doing. I was living life in fear, and now I’m living life from self-love. It’s been a liberating and invigorating 6 months looking into myself and creating the life I want.
— Tina P.
I instantly felt comfortable & supported with Madison as though I was chatting with a long lost sister. Her energy is contagious, I always left feeling inspired, radiant, and ready to take on the world. Madison is a fearless trailblazer who wants to see everyone thriving and living their best lives. If you’re thinking of working with this beautiful and incredible woman, do it and do it now.
— Christine B.
I now know I don’t have to be STUCK- stuck in relationships, in jobs, in mindsets, in life. Madison helped nudge me forward into who I am meant to be. I feel free and open to a new mindset, creating movement with my ideas and achieving my goals. Madison saw things in me I didn’t see in myself and believed I could do them. The whole process has been liberating and fun. I am finally a fan of myself in the most humble way, and realize I have gifts to offer the world.
— Beth M.
Madison is such a bright light that radiates into the lives of all that surround her. It’s difficult not to be filled with laughter and joy when around her. Knowing her has made my life infinitely better. I am constantly inspired to search for the joy in life and pursue the greater good because of her.
— Mallory H.