How would your life look if you honored the fullness of your leadership, service and creativity each and every day?

— Picture it. Feel it. Hear it. Be in the essence of it. —

Because I am here to hold you to your rising.


RISING SOVEREIGN is for you if you resonate with being a woman of:

Power. Devotion. Depth. Darkness. Fluidity. Creation. Curiosity. Contradictions. Wants. Integrity. Ambition. Destruction. Desire. Hopes. Fears. Knowings. Radiance. If you are hungry for your fullness. 

All this, and yet… there are few places where you can go to admit, talk about, tap into and be truly nourished in all of your gorgeous humanity. 

But I see you.

You’re gifted. 5D. Here to shake things up. You’re tapped in.  Connected. Paving new paths. You’re courageous. Willing to get messy in the process of becoming. You don’t shy away from the parts of your Soul that once scared you. 

(Even though you still teeter, doubt, feel fraudy and have epically human moments).

In all of it, you’re ready to stop pretending you’re anything other than a Woman Rising Sovereign. 

This is not a program full of worksheets, formulas and hand-holding.

This is about rising beyond the cookie-cutter because, simply, you’re ready to break the mold.

You know the depth you’re craving is found in paving your own path, cultivating the sacred within, asking courageous questions and coming alive to the woman you already are.


You want a place secure enough to hold all of you: Your power. Your ambition. Your rapid-unfolding and effervescent spirit. Your doubts, too. 

You’ve awakened, been reborn, and you know this is just the start. 

The Rising Sovereign Mastermind is your secure bolster.

Your delicious embrace. Your expansive container.


This is for the woman ready to choose her Self, ready to center her Self, discover her Self and embody her Self more than ever.

If you’re teetering on the brink of expansion, you might be feeling:

  • A pull you cannot explain, so you doubt your dreams, nudges and calling. 

  • Fragmented. Even though you’ve circled through these patterns before, you’re still holding back and resigning your needs to accommodate others. Which of course, has you feeling discouraged and disappointed in yourself.

  • Lacking trust that you really have what it takes. Feeling like you are a fraud, impostor, or worse… incompetent to see the bigness of your vision through.

  • Grief for how you’ve betrayed yourself, your vision, and your purpose so that you can show up more palatable for your “following,” family and friends.  

  • Suppression of your bigness, your desires and your deep feelings, sucking and stealing your energy dry to shove all this down! You want to stop censoring yourself! 

  • Anger is showing up like a slow drip wearing at you but it feels somehow unjustified. 

  • Restricted by your internalized unhealthy, dogmatic masculine energy, while also feeling unprotected, scattered and unsupported by your free-flowing feminine energy. You yearn for dynamic, sovereign balance that leads to sustainable success.

  • Like you can’t trust your own timing. It’s all either taking waaayyy too long or coming waaayyy too fast. What is the right pace for you?

  • Dampening and diluting what you really want, not trusting your body, and feeling old stories of guilt for choosing your “Self” above all else. 

  • Restricted from the inside out. Withholding self-permission to get more messy & creative, and to begin to really listen to your inner guidance. Not allowing your fluid, curious, experimental side to lead you into your personal alignment.

  • Swinging back and forth from control to apathy… and back again.  

PAUSE AND let this reality sink into your heart:

  • You’re trusting the pull, following the breadcrumbs, and have a rooted, humble confidence as you move towards your vision.

  • You’re no longer dragging people, but instead inviting them, letting your life and energy be the inspiration. You trust your source and trust others to their own. 

  • You move from grace, integrity and inspiration, getting (and no longer resisting) the clients, book deals, partnerships and relationships you are worthy of. 

  • You are living with right-relationship and reverence for yourself, first. You choose yourself. Honor yourself.  Allow yourself to take up all your rightful space, which trickles into every relationship you have. 

  • Your boundaries are on lock… but not rigid. You know walls don’t create secure attachment or love. You let love in. 

  • You not only ask for what you need, you claim what you want.

  • You’re moving anger into creativity. Curiosity and exploration lead your way through “heavy” emotion to produce art, work and relationships you couldn’t let yourself have before. 

  • You have structure and freedom that allows you to get shit done without burning out. You’ve tapped into a dynamic and healthy relationship with your own inner masculine/feminine. You know at your core, you’re fluid. You’re the both/and, the inner child and the wise old sage.

  • You listen to your body and intuition. When you know, you know! You rest when you need to rest and work when it’s time to work. 

  • You are light, easy and cheeky. You’re irreverent in the best way, while you show up for life with utter devotion. You bring all of you to the table. 

  • You’ve given yourself full permission to be wildly human, beautifully curious, and experiment with your life. This means, generally, more ease, more trust, more creativity, more play, more sex, more sovereignty.

Are you ready to really, fully, wholly choose yourself?

What is Rising Sovereign?

The Rising Sovereign Mastermind is a 9 month intimate and upper-level mastermind to hold space for the deepening of your creativity, agency and power. And you are invited. Early bird prices end Aug 30, applications close Sept 7, we begin September 9. 


9 Months, 9 women, 9 Sovereign Elements:

  • Month 1: Reverent Sovereignty: Self-honoring and boundaries with yourself.

  • Month 2: Right-Relationship + Boundaries with others.

  • Month 3: Joy: Curiosity, Presence and Play

  • Month 4: Attunement: Living, Listening and Creating from Essence 

  • Month 5: Feminine Wholeness: Healing our relationship with the feminine and embodying Fluidity, Sensuality and Beauty

  • Month 6: Power: Healing our relationship with the Masculine, redefining “Power” Conscious Leadership 

  • Month 7: Spirit: Ritual, Manifestation and The Muse

  • Month 8: Contribution: Circulating Money and Creating Abundance

  • Month 9: Devotion: Moving with Sacred Purpose

Confirmed Guest Teachers: James-Olivia Chu Hillman, Kylie Mcbeath, Ash Johns, Jamie Lee Finch + more


Ready to Rise with us?

"‘We often assume that simply because we understand something intellectually… we have actually realized it. This is a great delusion.’ Women need to understand the Sacred Feminine in our heads, but most of all we need to ‘realize’ her in our souls.

And the moment she does come. When we find the integrity of our feminine souls, when we defy and dare and venture beyond the pre-fabricated identities and little cages and patriarchy’s dogma into the circle of deep feminine ground, the moment of realizing the Goddess Within comes.”

-Sue Monk Kidd | The Dance of the Dissident Daughter.



9 seats total


  • GROUP COACHING- Monthly 2-hour group calls (9 total calls)

  • MONTHLY WORKSHOPS with a Guest Mentor

  • INDIVIDUAL TEXT SUPPORT -unlimited audio/text with me in Whatsapp

  • COMMUNITY SUPPORT- Whatsapp channel for sisterhood support (optional)

  • RETREAT: Sacred Sisterhood Celebration Retreat in the Ozarks Spring 2020 (think rest, play, tarot, yoga, food, dancing, sleepover vibes).

  • INVESTMENT: Deposit of $1299 and 9 payments of $677 (Or 10% off to pay in full: $6724)


  • GROUP COACHING- Monthly 2-hour group calls (9 total calls)

  • 1-ON-1 COACHING CALLS- monthly 1 hour calls, recorded with notes

  • MONTHLY WORKSHOPS with a Guest Mentor

  • INDIVIDUAL TEXT SUPPORT -unlimited audio/text with me in Whatsapp

  • COMMUNITY SUPPORT- Whatsapp channel for sisterhood support (optional)

  • RETREAT: Sacred Sisterhood Celebration Retreat in the Ozarks Spring 2020 (think rest, play, tarot, yoga, food, dancing, sleepover vibes).

  • INVESTMENT: Deposit of $1299 and 9 payments of $802 (Or 10% off to pay in full: $7749)


(And it’s a fraction of my one on one coaching packages, which are over $1000 a month).



Bonus 2: 3 Meditations to support you in tapping into and embodying:

  1. Playful Sensuality (a movement meditation)

  2. Moving and Clearing Grief

  3. Developing Energetic Boundaries

Bonus 1: Workshop on: Reflections on finding my authentic voice building my business online. Growing personally while managing a public brand, staying in integrity with my voice, what I’d do differently, what I regret, how I redirected after failure, my biggest tips PLUS an 11 page Resource Guide. 


This is your Homecoming.


  • You want to feel held and grounded while you expand.

  • You want to be seen tenderly and fiercely as your highest self, no fluff or codependence. Just you as the woman you really are. 

  • You want solid ground and a space secure enough to hold all of your ever-expanding power.

  • You want that juicy both/and of the balanced and healthy masculine & feminine.

  • You want right-relationship: with yourself, with mother Earth, with technology, with those who matter most.

  • You aren’t willing to sacrifice the earth or another’s dignity for your own ambition, but you are not gonna throw away that sparkly fire within you either (there’s another way).

  • You want to create and lead with integrity and without the fear of doing it “wrong” holding you back from your full expression. 

  • You want to surrender to the big and beautiful calling you know you’re made for, without fear of being “too much” or overshadowing your sisters. (You know the old way of woman-against-woman is dead).

  • You’re ready to unhook from those who take your power (even in subtle ways) and finally belong wholly to yourself. Just imagine what you’ll be able to create from the seat of Sovereignty, no more codependency.

  • You want to make waves… even bigger than you’re already making. And you want to do it from radical wholeness and authentic power.

Your joy is your responsibility. Your freedom is your responsibility. Your life is your responsibility…

But you never, ever, had to rise in this alone. 


You are invited.

and As you sit with the choice to join the mastermind, please pause. 

Breathe into your root, feet planted firmly on the ground, put both hands on your heart and in reverence, say, “I love you. I choose you.”
Repeat it as many times as you need and feel into what this possibility feels like in your body. 

Then return to fill out the application…

I can’t wait to hear from you.


Applications close Sept 7, we begin September 9. 

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“In God is a woman like yourself.” -Carol P. Christ