Awake + Alive Group Mentorship:

The Modern Heroine's guide to reclaim her power, live with presence, + rise to her purpose.

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What would be different about your life, relationships, and future if you came alive to the powerful woman you really are?


Picture it. Claim it. Own it.

It's already yours, and I'm here to show you how.  

You want to be the hero of your own story...


  • Debilitated by the noise, mental clutter, and anxiety. You’re stuck in your head overwhelmed at the amount of options, all the directions you could go, the heaping list of expectations and things you “should” be doing.

  • Stuck spinning your wheels and feeling like there’s no time to focus on what makes your heart beat. You’re so busy running your company, working side jobs, being a mom, hustling, giving and doing and being it all that you’re drained and have lost touch with your own magic.

  • Holding back because you’re more afraid than you’ve ever admitted out loud. Afraid of what others think. Holding back your truth. Holding back being deeply known because you’ve been hurt before. Holding out on taking the next step because you’re petrified it will be the wrong one.

  • Ache inside to be "more.” More connected, more spiritual, to make more money, and be more of who you’re meant to be... but you’re so exhausted of striving and reaching. You just want to come up for air.
  • Bored and disappointed with how life is unfolding. You know there is more joy, more play, more excitement but you just haven’t been able to access it for yourself.

  • Lonely. Everyone comes to you for support, wisdom, and to be encouraged but you don’t have your own support system of people who truly get you.

  • Ashamed and discouraged— you’ve worked so hard, put in the hours, and on the outside you have it all together. No one would guess you never feel smart enough, capable enough, pretty enough, creative enough, loved enough. (Despite being told over and over you are more than worthy).

 But mostly:  you’re afraid this “dream life” was just a pipe dream reserved for those far more capable than you.

Now, you’re at a crossroads… and I've got good news: 

I've traveled this path and mapped the journey. Taking you there is my specialty.


Just picture a life where you ARE:

  • Showing up with power, integrity and confidence. Rising up to embody the leader you truly are. Naturally attracting your soul-tribe because you’re radiating your truth. Being completely clear on the steps to make your vision a reality.
  • Thriving in your most sacred relationships. No longer settling but instead cultivating strong romance, deep friendships, and a healthy support system.
  • Living that “HELL YES” life right now: Traveling more. Taking more photos. Cooking more delicious meals. Moving into your dream home. Wearing the clothes that make you shine and the lipstick that makes you feel WOW. Truly living more and loving your everyday life!
  • Feeling more sexy and connected to your body than ever. Dancing more. Laughing more. Moving those curves with sass and love. Developing a consistent yoga practice. Having great sex. Eating and moving every day to nourish your body instead of using food, alcohol, and working out as a way to beat yourself up or numb out.
  • Expanding in your career, quitting your unfulfilling job, going after your dreams unapologetically. Trusting your best life is meant to happen NOW.
  • Finally making time for yourself, developing a hobby just for fun, tapping back into the play and creativity you’ve lost along the way.
  • Up-leveling your finances by charging more, asking for that raise, and earning more money without hustling and burning out.  Restructuring how you spend your time and money so you no longer feel guilt or shame when you invest in yourself!
  • Healing your relationships with family. Living on your terms, being the Boundary Queen, protecting your energy and time like never before, ultimately decreasing your anxiety and stress living for others once gave you.

The life you dream of is yours to claim.

That's why I created Awake + Alive: to show women just like you how to reclaim their power and rise to their purpose. 

You'll go from being stuck in self-doubt to having complete clarity, showing up as the real you every day. From living life for everyone else to truly living on your terms alongside your soul-tribe. From striving to do and be more to living with more play, creativity and ease.



 “the average age for the onset of depression has dropped from late forties or early fifties, where it was 30 years ago, to mid twenties, and it’s expected to drop further.”  

the indigo experience-80.jpg


There's a journey to be taken alongside others who have walked the path too, and it's mapped out waiting for you. 

According to the Harvard Business Review, the joys of young adulthood where many long to fall in love, live their passions, and develop deep community have instead become a time of stress, overwhelm, and discouragement. It's believed that quarter-life crisis, a time where young adults question their path, could be leading many to feel isolated, stuck, and in a stressful downward spiral.

The truth is: I'm still more than hopeful, because not only have I been there myself, I've seen countless women walk through their uncertainty right into their power with clarity, confidence, and purpose on the other side.  I know for a fact that the same studies reporting this quarter-life crisis also state that by learning practical tools, you can move through it and come out on the other side with the life, love, and freedom you were craving the whole time. 

In other words: The Awake + Alive Group Mentorship was crafted for women just like you, who want to get un-stuck and start to really live. Who want to stop playing small and begin to shine in their passions. Who want to not only look the part, but deeply, confidently, overwhelmingly be the part. 

That's why the entire focus of this mentorship is to unblock what's holding you back, help you tune into what your soul's been saying all along, to block out the noise distracting you, and enliven you to live fully alive in your relationships because you are confidently yourself wherever you go.




As you show up for yourself + really apply this work, you will unlock a freedom you never knew you had. 

Because after working with over 100 women, I know that by having more clarity, power, confidence, and joy you'll never be the stuck, damsel in distress ever again. You'll leave this program as the heroine you really are, equipped with the practical tools, the inner resolve, and the community support to get yourself through anything life throws at you.  (Plus have a lot of fun along the way!)


The Modern Heroine saves herself. 


Because unlike many "self-help" programs out there, I operate on the philosophy that there is nothing wrong with you.

Madison-21 (1).jpg

Yep, you heard me right. This program is not about "fixing" you, being your guru, or offering you another idealistic to-do list to strive after. Awake + Alive is about reconnecting you to the power within. The power to create a life with healthy habits, thriving relationships, and chase your dreams, your way. 

It's about you becoming your own savior. 

I know you've heard differently... maybe even feel differently, and that's why this program is so damn important!  If you want to really live (and enjoy) your dream life, you must shed the old stories keeping you stuck, tap into your own magic, and develop a daily life supportive of your True Self. 

There's no shame-game in my inner-circle, babe. Only space to confidently, boldly, and fully awaken to the woman you really are. 

And I'll be here for you every step of the way: personally responding to each comment, facilitating safe spaces in the live-coaching calls, and reflecting back to you the magic you might not be able to see when you look in the mirror. 

Now, I'm not gonna pretend there isn't work. This program requires you to show up for yourself and take radical responsibility for your life. If you do, I promise you will you will be supported, loved, and guided through this program while being challenged to stand taller, rise to your highest, and truly come alive


Rise up to embody leader you truly are.



Gain access to all my best coaching strategies that have been the guide for over 100 women to reclaim their power, live with presence, + rise to their purpose.

  • Bite-sized sermons delivered weekly guiding you to become the hero of your own story, radiate your truth unapologetically, and make your vision a reality.
  • Support, live Q+A, and access to Madison directly, ALL designed to up-level your learning and lift you higher. 
  • A streamlined, secure platform and weekly emails to make your experience organized, efficient, and clarifying. 
  • Access to a private, members-only Facebook Sanctuary where you can share your questions freely and without judgment, plus be coached by Madison!
  • Stress- free audio meditations that offer immediate relief, the SOUL Ebook and weekly outlines to help you implement what you learn into your everyday life with ease. 





Your best life is meant to happen now.


Weekly content outline:


Month 1 | Transform Your Story

During month one you will leave behind the labels, old beliefs, and unforgiveness that have been keeping you stuck. You'll re-claim and re-write your story,  accepting the parts of yourself you've hidden and deemed unworthy. But most of all, you'll discover the truth of who you are and finally find the clarity you've been searching for. 


Month 2 | Own Your Power

Learn to live an everyday live that supports you in month 2. Developing the morning routine that light you up. Setting boundaries that enable you to love better and live on your own terms. Learning to manage your emotions so you can show up as your best every day.


Month 3 | Come Alive

The final month of the program it all comes together. You'll learn to enjoy the everyday moments you once skipped over. You'll start expressing yourself in new ways through creativity, your business, and even in your relationships. And as we close, you'll see that the life you've been looking for you've created right before your eyes. 

  • Week 1: Letting your story unravel
  • Week 2: Find your power 
  • Week 3: Integrating your shadow
  • Week 4: Step into your True Essence 

  • Week 5: Living from your essence
  • Week 6: Becoming the co-creator 
  • Week 7: Setting healthy boundaries 
  • Week 8: Owning your personal power

  • Week 9: Fully embodied, fully here
  • Week 10: Full alignment + honesty 
  • Week 11: Living with intention 
  • Week 12: Living for purpose

Run after your dreams without apology.


Become the hero of your own story.


Awake + Alive is currently sold out.

You can add your name to the waiting list (and be the first to know when it reopens) here:



From my heart to yours:



“I am truly shedding my obsession with perfection or some 'out there' future. Instead, I am embracing my humanity and allowing my essence to shine amidst my imperfections, rather than in spite of them.
I'm feeling braver and more confident about being who I am without having to show up perfectly first…” -Alaya M.


"There's such a HUGE difference in intellectually knowing something, and truly experientially KNOWING something. I'm feeling a greater sense of peace inside, which is no small feat in this over-thinker's brain. Each moment feels less frantic, allowing me to impose my expectations and the litany of "should's" LESS, and live out of and respond to the actual moment more. ” -Elaine W.

Awake + Alive is currently sold out.

You can add your name to the waiting list (and be the first to know when it reopens) here:


Picture it. Claim it. Own it.

The live you dream of is already yours. All you have to do is say yes to yourself. 



“The biggest change I've witnessed is being able to hear myself! I'm not scared of rejection in the same way I was before because I learned I can feel hard things and survive, and not just survive, but THRIVE! " -Ashley P.


I am finally putting in place the tools I have always made excuses for. I have reclaimed parts of me that have felt lost over the last few years. -Cherie


"Now, instead of saying yes to everything, I am being more intentional about my choices and am being more mindful of the stories I tell myself." - Jess

Be the woman who takes the leap.

No more buying countless self-help books you never read. No more staying in the safety of your smallness. No more excuses. 

It's time to become the powerful heroine you've been waiting for. 


Awake + Alive is currently sold out.

You can add your name to the waiting list (and be the first to know when it reopens) here: