Are you longing to break through your limiting beliefs, stand in your power, and come alive?


Then babe, I made something just for you.

The Awake + Alive Group Mentorship provides you step-by-step guidance, group support, live coaching, and the practical tools to transform your life from the inside out.  If you've been looking for a way to amp-up your growth, stop living out the old stories that no longer work, + live your truth confidently, then this is your official invite. Are you ready to come with!?


Awake + Alive Group Mentorship:

For the woman who is ready to awaken to her humanity and live fully alive. 

My philosophy is simple:

There is nothing wrong with you. 

Yep, you heard me right. This program is not about "fixing" you, it's about reconnecting you to the power within. 

I know you've heard differently... maybe even feel differently, and that's why this program is so damn important!  If you want to feel fully alive in your life, you must shed the old stories keeping you stuck, tap into the magic of being human, and develop a daily life that supports your true Self. 

No more shame-game here, my love. It's time to live confidently, boldly, and fully in the woman you are.

This intimate group mentorship program will take you on a 12 week journey to shed old stories, step into your power, and come alive to the woman you've been craving to be. (The woman you already are deep down).  It offers not only steps, tools, and stories to guide you, you get group coaching to better understand what is happening in your heart as you move through the material. Think mastermind meets workshop meets girl-gang meets food for your soul! 

Now, I'm not gonna pretend there isn't work. This program requires you to show up for yourself and take radical responsibility for your life; and if you do, I promise you will graduate renewed with a compassionate understanding of yourself, confidence to live your truth, the ability to trust yourself with those big decisions, and with an epic support system of women who will have seen and loved you through all of it.

Cuz babe, walking the path alone is a choice we make.

Why I created this Mentorship:

When I began my journey, I felt like no one understood what was happening within me. I longed to connect with people who were taking the brave steps I was taking in life, who loved diving deep in conversation, and who had my back. 

When I realized this group of women wasn't going to magically appear, I started hosting Come Alive Gatherings in my home. I invited friends and acquaintances over for soul-talk and sh*t. got. real. I soon realized I was not the only one craving this kind of growth; I extended the gatherings to clients and began offering them in the community. The feedback was astounding.

Tears. Laughter. Clarity. Love. Transformation. In every gathering. 

When my clients began talking about their desire to grow while in deep relationship with others on the same path, creating this virtual group mentorship was a given. 

The Awake + Alive Group Mentorship is your space to learn without judgment, let go of what is holding you back, and come alive to your highest self alongside women who are ready to cheer you on. 


Sound like the change you've been craving and the powerful girl-gang you've been wanting?


  • 6 x 90 min bi-weekly group coaching calls
  • weekly intensive soul-sermons and worksheets
  • bi-weekly meditations delivered right to your inbox
  • bi-weekly interviews delivered right to your inbox (guest experts include my own coaches, mentors, counselors, and the women I look up to most in my personal growth)
  • access to a members-only Facebook group where I am committed to supporting + coaching you daily
  • Plus the bomb girl-gang accountability you'll get just from being a part of the group


Every Sunday evening you'll receive an email with the upcoming week's content: A topical Soul-Sermon to challenge you to think bigger and dive deep, a corresponding worksheet, and on rotation, a meditation audio and a Heart-to-Heart podcast interview. 

Group coaching calls provide everyone the opportunity be seen and heard while giving you the space to ask questions and be coached 1-on-1 and given feedback directly from Madison. Group calls are where the big magic happens so plan on soul-level convo + lot's of ah-ha moments! 


The next group mentorship program begins January 2018; seats are limited.

Weekly content outline:

Month 1 | Change Your Story

  • Week 1: Let the story unravel
  • Week 2: Find your power 
  • Week 3: Integrating your shadow
  • Week 4: Your True Essence 

Month 2 | Own Your Power

  • Week 5: Living from your essence
  • Week 6: You are the co-creator 
  • Week 7: Boundaries + life on your terms
  • Week 8: Channeling your personal power

Month 3 | Come Alive Together

  • Week 9: Fully embodied, fully here
  • Week 10: Full alignment + honesty 
  • Week 11: Living with intention 
  • Week 12: Living for purpose



3 monthly payments of $275, or one full payment of $725 (saving you $100). Your first month's payment acts as your deposit and monthly payments will be direct debited the same date every month. Less than half the cost of my 1-on-1 coaching!

Ready to take the next step in your journey?

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Spots will be taken first come first serve style. After you fill out the form below to register your interest I will send you an email with the details on reserving your seat and make sure this is the right program for you.

*DISCLAIMER* - While community support is a big component of Group Mentorship, this is not *just* a support group. This is a program for women who are ready to do the individual work and support one another along the way.

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