*Surprise!* 90 min FREE training for you!


Hey , it’s time to get signed-up for tomorrow’s FREE challenge training where I’m sharing 5 secrets to unlocking radical self-confidence (and reclaiming your power).

Truly, when was the last time you truly felt confident? Was it when:

  • you got the job you reallllly wanted?

  • You posted that selfie during day 1 of the challenge?

  • you had mind-blowing sex?

(You go, girl.)

Or maybe, the last time you TRULY felt confident was when you were a little girl with mismatched socks, dirt on your face, and the world was your playground. And ever since then, you’ve been stuck in a toxic pattern of self-doubt and insecurity.

Whether the last time you *felt* confident was 20 minutes ago or 20 years ago, here is what I know to be true: self-confidence should not be a once in awhile, unreliable feeling that you can’t seem to hold onto long enough for it to truly sink in.

That’s why I’m hosting a LIVE Masterclass tomorrow,  to help you show up like the powerful, badass queen who DESERVES to BE confident, day in and day out.

This training happens TOMORROW, Thursday September 20th

at 1pm Pacific Time, (11am Central Time, 10am Eastern Time)

 ...and you really don’t want to miss it.

When you show up, you’ll learn how to break free from the opinions of others and pursue your greatest dreams like the powerful Queen that you are!

You in?!

I’ll see you tomorrow!

With love,



P.S.  Not sure how powerful this masterclass will actually be?! Take it from the women in my inner-circle who have been doing this same exact confidence work with me:

"The biggest change I’ve experienced is how to be open to opportunities instead of closing them off. This training helped me get back to my truth. I’d been in a season where I wasn’t being true to myself and it’s helped me get my confidence back." -Stephanie L

"This led to permanent change with boundaries in my career and personal life. I was able to dig deep and find the truth of what I needed from relationships and from myself. Madison helped me get to the root so now I can go out and be helpful to my own clients." -Victoria R