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Are you looking to connect with other women just like yourself?  Coming to an in-person event or live online workshop is one of the best ways to foster likeminded community and engage in a deeper way. 

Come Alive Gathering:

A small group coaching session with an emphasis on vulnerability, soul connection, and real conversation.  Facilitated in your home or space of your choice, the event is perfect for those longing to bring their friendships or staff to a deeper level.

Perfect for:

  • women wanting to go deeper in their friendships

  • women who want more than small talk and guided, topical conversation

  • groups of 6-12 craving vulnerability and growth

  • small businesses and teams wanting to take their group to a deeper level

Investment: $330 for two hours of group coaching and facilitating ($28 a person). An additional $45 an hour may be added if you desire a longer event.

Bringing Madison to Sumits Yoga to hold a Come Alive Gathering with our staff was such an amazing experience. In just a few hours we went from being a close group of friends to a close group of sisters. Madison made the space comfortable and inviting for everyone to share experiences and struggles, and it was amazing to see how much we all truly support each other. I would recommend this to any group of women who are willing to dive deep, and open their hearts. Thank you so much, Madison!
— Stephanie L.

I hosted a Come Alive Gathering at my home earlier this year and it is one of my favorite moments of 2016 so far. Madison made everyone feel so comfortable, inspired, and heard. The group of ladies at this particular event were either strangers or acquaintances, and we all ended the evening with hugs and phone number exchanges. Madison has such a gift at making people feel safe to be themselves. To be honest and vulnerable and feel completely accepted and encouraged in the process. If you want to grow deeper in your friendships, find the freedom to be a better, healthier version of yourself, or simply walk away being encouraged by one bad ass boss lady, then hosting a Come Alive Gathering is for you.
— Kinsey M.

Madison’s Come Alive Gathering was one of my favorite girl’s nights yet-to-date. Her warm nature fit right in with my group of friends, and she led us through topics on authenticity and letting go of things that do not serve us (not your average topics for a girls night!). We left feeling rejuvenated and bonded. Her vulnerability and passion made for an intimate, special night that my friends still talk about.
— Beth W.

My experience with Madison was incredible! Our gathering turned out small, but we actually enjoyed it MORE! When Madison entered the room she instantly became “one of the girls.” We all sat around, sipping mimosas and formed deep connections. We all realized we wanted deeper and bigger goals for ourselves. Madison helped us put those wheels into motion. I am proud to say weeks later we are ALL following through and holding each other accountable. Had I not hosted this gathering, I am not so sure I would be taking charge and chasing my dreams. If you want help to realize your true potential, Madison is your girl!
— Liz B.

Madison’s Come Alive Gathering is hard to put in to words. She is gifted in bringing people together who begin as strangers and end as friends. The sacred space that she holds for each person allows you to go deep, to those places that you’re afraid to let surface. And when those places come up, it is always held with such tenderness, kindness and compassion that you can’t help but look at those places the same way. I have attended more than one of her Come Alive Gathering’s and every time I leave feeling empowered and inspired to take action in body, mind and spirit.
— Leslie D.

Hire me to speak at your event:


Storytelling is one of my favorite ways to inspire, create change, and get right to the heart. Bringing my presence into a space, seeing the eyes light up, people lean in, get chills, and give me big ole hugs afterwards, now that is the work my soul gets fired up about. 

I am professionally trained in public speaking and have been leading workshops both in the online space as well as live for years. From facilitating small group gatherings, hosting my own workshops, speaking on a panel, to presenting at The Bravery Board, a local collaborative I began in 2016, gathering and communicating to a group lights me up like no other. 

I love connecting with audiences around operating in their full potential, overcoming shame & negative self talk, and living with passion every day.

Photo by jenn fortner

Photo by jenn fortner

photo by fi mims  

photo by fi mims


If you would like to get in touch about having me speak at your event, please contact me at  hello @ madisonhedlund .co.