I want to introduce you to my associate coach,

Alaya Morning.

Mama. Coach. Light beam. And all around one of my favorite humans. 

When I was looking for an associate coach to support my inner circle, no one aligned more with my heart than Alaya. 


Choosing someone to work one on one with my Tribe was not something I took lightly.  Alaya started as a 1-on-1 client of mine in early 2017 and continued to stay in my inner circle, taking my trainings and Group Mentorship in the fall.  Her self awareness, dedication to her own inner work, and integrity stood out to me. She and I shared philosophies, values, and even communication styles.  When I saw her connect with the other women in my Group Mentorship Program, I knew in my bones she was the perfect coach for my women. Not only is she aligned by nature, she also had the opportunity to be coached by me personally for a year before I asked her to step in and support you.

(This woman is the real freaking deal). 



"I want women to know that the vague desire they feel for 'something more' is not coming from a place of  'not-enough'-ness, but rather from a place deep inside that is longing to be expressed, shared, known. And I want them to know that they are 100% worthy of pursuing, expressing and sharing that gift with the world — not because they earned it, but simply because it 'is' and they 'are.' No further justification needed."  -Alaya


We operate under the same philosophies:

  • We believe in aligning with your “essential self” and connecting with your spirituality, whatever what looks like for you!
  • We believe you are unraveling to the real light within: that in your humanity you come alive.
  • We are both values-driven: using values to both name and claim that essential self and to help navigate how you show up in the world
  • We put an emphasis on wholeness & integration: there is room for your humanity, “all of you is welcome,” releasing any need to chase perfect
  • We share a heart for justice: want to help others learn how to lean into their natural empathy and compassion without burning themselves out or getting overwhelmed by all of the help that is needed in the world today
  • Healing your shame is a large piece of both of our work: This is a piece Alaya has really learned to embody in working with Madison, and is now info rming her coaching in a much more profound way (no more bypassing shame/pain in an attempt to be “good” or “perfect”)!

Alaya’s coaching principles:

  • There is goodness at the core of everything. Honor the spark of light within and you help that light to grow and spread.
  • Compassion is the most effective tool for transformation. (Rather than tough-love, bullying, or any external set of “rules.”)
  • Life is lived in the gap between what’s possible and what’s actual: this tension can never be fully solved -- and that’s a good thing!
  • There’s no need to sacrifice any one area of life for another, in fact, to do so does more harm than good. Our most deeply held values are never truly in competition with one another!
  • Intuition a nd self-trust are the keys to living a deeply meaningful life. A heart should always be trusted over the noise of the world.


All of this to say, Alaya is the coach I hand selected for you. 

Heck, I'd trust her to be my own coach. She's that good. 


"Each and every one of us carries limiting stories about ourselves that would have us believe: that we’re somehow not special, not worthy, not up to the task. That’s okay. We will wrestle with these stories our whole lives… but that doesn’t mean we have to stop moving forward, stop growing, or stop evolving in ways that help us share more and more of our gift with the world. (Allowing for a deeper experience of beauty, joy, meaning and connection!)" -Alaya


I'll turn it over now. Meet your coach, Alaya Morning:

Hello, I’m Alaya.


I’m a life coach and mama living in the mountains of Colorado with my chef/baker husband and our two little ones. I’m a dreamer, householder and “mountain mermaid” who is reclaiming optimism & enthusiasm as daily revolutionary acts.

I’m for radical possibility and getting there gently. (My guess is that you’re already hard enough on yourself and don’t need tough “love”, or a new set of external metrics by which to measure your success — or failure.)

My work is about helping women unravel and heal their stories of doubt and limitation, clearing the cobwebs that cast shadows on their unique radiance, and developing deeper levels of self-confidence and self-trust.

I am a graduate of the Enwaken Coaching Program and hold a certification in Mediation and Applied Conflict Studies from the Woodbury Institute at Champlain College, as well as a BA in Ethnobotany from Connecticut College.  But my real credentials come from living in this world as a dreamer and recovering people-pleaser.

How we'll work together:

  • I'll call you. We’ll meet for 12 weekly sessions via telephone, 45-minutes each.
  • I’ll assign weekly homework. This homework emerges organically from the session. The time commitment varies, but you can expect it to require an additional 15 minutes or so per day.
  • You’ll have access to me via email between sessions for questions, a-has, and celebrations along the way!

What will our session be like?

  • I’ll open with a brief guided meditation to ground and center. My clients consistently claim that this meditation becomes the highlight of their week!
  • Followed by a quick check-in. I’ll ask you about your week and about any insights you may have gleaned from the previous week’s homework.
  • I’ll follow-up with deeper inquiry and/or lead you through a specific process. (Designed to provide a meaningful shift in perspective).
  • I’ll assign the homework for the next week (To help integrate and actualize the insights and awareness from that week’s session).


More of my story:

I learned early on, in various contexts (family, school, etc) that my bright, energetic, enthusiastic self was overwhelming and/or annoying to others. At some point I must have decided that it wasn’t worth it to live so big and bright. 

I constantly found my big dreams bumping up against others’ expectations. I was a people-pleaser looking for approval outside of herself. Each dream that I started to chase eventually fell flat because I didn’t know how to overcome that tension. “This is what I want/who I am, but this is who they want me to be. It’s probably safer to just be what they want me to be.”

I had developed the habit of trying to be everything to everyone and listening to too many conflicting voices as I tried to make decisions about what my life should look and feel like. And honestly, this pattern was so ingrained in me, I hardly noticed I was doing it.

I knew instinctively and from an early age that it didn’t have to be this way, that you could trust your inner impulses AND be supported in the world: that your values didn’t have to be perpetually in conflict with one another -- but I didn’t have the tools or skills to actually live that way.

I used food as a way to numb out and “dull down.” I overspent and accumulated significant debt while chasing “magic bullets.” I was constantly “self-improving” but rarely actually healing.

It was through my own coach training, working one-on-one first with a counselor and then with a life coach that I finally started to unravel my own stories and let my light begin to break out into the world once again. I’ve embraced the beauty within life’s messiness and am committed to creating a life that supports the highest expression of my essence and the full expression of those around me. I’ve begun what will be the lifelong process of unraveling the light within. And I want to help you do the same.