programs for my inner-circle

For all my previous clients who are out achieving amazing things in the world. 

These offerings are exclusive to my previous clients who have completed a full session with me. After a full session of life coaching, people often desire to "check in" or to have a chat with me about how things are going in life, regarding their goals, and want that boost without the full series commitment. 

Who doesn't need a check-in every once in a while?! 

These are programs created just for you + a referral program, as a thank you for being committed to your own growth and for sharing your life with me. 


For those friends who are on your heart and you know would benefit from coaching. Have them mention you when they contact me and they will get 10% off their services. 

Come alive booster shot:


  • 45 minutes of focused one on one coaching
  • the ability to send me a full update on your life, new projects, and goals before the session
  • a life inventory worksheet provided by me before the call
  • encouragement, coaching, and a little boost to get you into deeper confid ence in your life

This is perfect for someone who is truly self motivated and achieves goals well on their own, but does not have people in their life to help them get centered, encourage them, and give an honest review of their progress. 

The investment: One time payment of $150 (Valued at $186)

6 Month Light SUPPORT:

This is a 6 month series created by a previous client who was longing for more, but didn't need the same accountability.


  • 6 x 45 minute sessions held over 6 months (one session a month)
  • the ability to send me a full update on your life, new projects, and goals before the session
  • one life inventory worksheet provided by me before the call
  • email support

The investment: One time payment $1116 or $186 a month


Want to discover how I built a full-time business within 1 year after graduating Beautiful You? I did it by going right to the heart of things. This one-of-a kind branding call is designed for heart-centered women who want more than a "well cultivated Instagram." It's for the coach who wants to connect to the heart, who wants to start a grassroots revolution all your own. In our consultation I will give you the tools I used to tap into my own essence and captured the hearts of my dream clients. 


  • 1.5 hours of one on one consultation focused on discovering your unique essence 
  • Insight on how to market to women in a conscious, heart-centered way
  • Full questionnaire that must be completed beforehand
  • "Pick your brain" time to ask me anything
  • One-time website and social media review with my insights on how to make your true essence really shine!

The value: One payment of $430

full series:

If you desire to enter into a full series for a second, or even third time with me to achieve new goals in your life, you will receive 15% off my current prices. 


Shoot me an email to book yours today!