Welcome to the Challenge 

Everything you need to know…

Hey there! I’m so happy you signed up for the Awaken Your Confidence Challenge.

Starting Monday, September 24, we will embark on a 5 day journey to help you show up, be seen and speak your truth.

Awakening to your worth, and standing in confidence doesn’t happen with any quick fixes, but given the right circumstances and training, you can take practical steps to cultivate a deep sense of confidence. I know over our 5 day journey together, you’ll be challenged to daily step into your true, confident self more and more.

This means you’ll be:

  • Showing up fully, and no longer hiding.

  • Being seen for all you are, and no longer afraid to take up space.

  • Speaking your truth--even if your voice shakes.


It’s time to lean in, channel the courage you need to step out, + take action towards your dream life; no matter what may stand in your way.


I’ll be back in your inbox soon with the Confidence Exercise for day 1. Can’t wait to share in this challenge together.


All my support,


P.S. If you want your friends to join you in this challenge, you can send them this THIS LINK and encourage them to register. It’s even more fun to do it together. :)


“I felt so fulfilled. It was RICH”

“I found the community healing, awakening and enlivening!”

“This was so inspiring, challenging and fun! Thank you.”

Let’s do this thing.