Challenge Day 5- Give yourself permission:


Are you waiting on my permission?


Whose permission are you waiting for?


To be honest, I’ve always struggled making decisions with confidence. You too?


Growing up in strict home, I learned early to play by the rules if I wanted to be accepted. So naturally, I played follow the leader instead of tuning into my truth.  Over time, I learned to suppress my gut feelings and desires.


My questions? Bad.

My gut feelings? Wrong.

My heart + desires? Deceitful above all else.


Instead of becoming good and whole, I became disconnected from my truth, my inner knowing.


Instead of knowing what was right for me, I consulted friends, mentors, teachers, coaches and books.  I was always questioning and searching for a sign, but never fully having peace.


But the truth is, the sign was always within. The nudges, the desires, the stirring in my heart… they were leaving breadcrumbs guiding me to my purpose. I needed only to tune back in and listen.


What it all comes down to is this: YOU are the only one who can give yourself the permission you need to feel whole, worthy and confident.

You’ve spent enough time disappearing... by diminishing your desires, holding back your truth, questioning yourself, and giving to others. It’s time to cultivate confidence in your Soul’s purpose. To tune in, listen and respond to what your Soul is saying to you.


That’s why our final challenge is:


Today, make a list of 5 things you feel called to do and give yourself permission to take action today.


That thing you’ve been wanting to say? Say it.

The thing you’ve been wanting to do? Do it.

The big desire you have? Listen, and take the next step.


It’s time to stop holding back, and step up to the true desires in your Soul: Take the bath. Nix the bra today. Cancel the plans you’re dreading. Initiate the sex you’ve been needing. Hire the babysitter without guilt, just for alone time. Spend the evening alone in nature. Make the investment. Ask that acquaintance to coffee. Hit publish. Say the prayer. Burn the journal. Claim your time and healing back.

 ^ I let my spirituality go and rebuilt a new one where I could be free. Nips and all.

^ I let my spirituality go and rebuilt a new one where I could be free. Nips and all.


What will it look like for you to let go and give yourself permission??

Awaken to the nudges of your Soul, and then give yourself permission to listen.

Radical Self-Confidence is a muscle; it’s something you must cultivate by saying YES to yourself time and time again.


Now say it with me: My intuition is good. My decision maker is good. My desires are good. I AM GOOD. Give yourself permission to embody this truth today and share with me on Instagram using the hashtag #IAmMyOwnResponsibilty how you gave yourself permission today.


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What’s your Soul speaking to you? (Tune in and listen).


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Through the program I gained an ability to let things be easy and not dwell on others reactions. I have more confidence at work, am having tough conversations with employees with ease, and now appreciate where others are on their journey and am not getting frustrated with others nearly as often!

Another breakthrough for me was that it is OK to ask for more. I am worthy of living my best life and that there is no shame or guilt in wanting more or wanting to shine brighter. I don’t need a rock bottom or a trauma before I want better for myself. I can be ok or even thriving and still unapologetically want more for myself. Awaken Her Soul was a safe and empowering program where I immediately felt belonging.” -Annika