Challenge Day 4:  We're Getting Juicy

Hey there, when is the last time you let loose? Where you let yourself be so caught up in the music, in your body, in the moment that you forgot to care what anyone thought of you??

Most of us get so caught up in our head over-thinking, analysing, figuring things out, that we forget the only way to truly integrate our confidence is to embody what we know.

In The Body Keeps The Score, Dr. van der Kolk states, “In order to change, people need to become aware of their sensations and the way that their bodies interact with the world around them. Physical self-awareness is the first step in releasing the tyranny of the past.”


This means, in order to heal from the past, stand in our worth and show up confidently, we must become embodied.


Today begin this process by noticing just how good you can feel in your body.

That’s why today’s challenge is:


It’s time to get juicy, move, and let loose. Join me by turning on your favorite song and dancing.



 The key:  forget about looking good or doing it “right”-- just focus on the feeling.

The key: forget about looking good or doing it “right”-- just focus on the feeling.


If you need some song inspiration, head over to my >>>> Awaken Her Soul Playlist. The Awaken Her Soul Sisterhood has been jamming to these songs for months, and now you can join in on the sisterhood too! Choose your favorite and share your sexy moves on social by tagging me + using the hashtag: #IAmMyOwnResponsibility.

I’m already dancing today in celebration of the FREE Live Training happening this afternoon on Cultivating Radical Self-Confidence at 1pm Pacific (11am Central, 10am Eastern.)

I hope to see you there a little early so we can let go and get down together in our pre-webinar dance party!!




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This process was truly a game changer for me not only in my life, my marriage, and my business...but also in how I show up in the world. Before I began, I felt: overwhelmed, exhausted, run down, lost, confused, and powerless.

Now I can truly say that I feel: powerful, excited, at ease, in flow, confident, peaceful, and hopeful.  I learned: how to trust myself, how to be truly honest with myself & with others, how to simplify the f*ck out of my life & business, how to set boundaries that allow me to show up fuller & give from a place of overflow, how to let GO of control & simply BE, how to make decisions with ease, and honestly - so much more. Every area of my life has improved because I looked into the deepest parts of my soul, it was scary but in the best of ways, and I feel so free because of it. — Olivia