Challenge Day 3- Pause + Breathe into your truth:

Ready to PAUSE?

You know the drill: Alarm goes off. Roll over to your phone. Scroll. Scroll some more. Like. Like. Comment.

Shit, it’s been 20 minutes… Get up, make the coffee.** Put on the podcast. Kiss your dog goodbye. Head out the door for a day’s work.  **(Insert children/email/partner/news needing your attention too).

Our days are full. Jam-packed with to-do’s and information.

From one thing to the next, you are consuming other people’s voices, troubleshooting, responding, reacting, going going going. And by the time you get to what matters most, you are depleted, your brain full, your mind cluttered AF.

Cue the guilt. The nap you don’t have time for. The comparison to @InstagramGirl who seems to make time for it all and somehow has the perfect morning routine.  Will your life ever be balanced and healthy as hers?

All the noise is cluttering your ability to hear your Soul speaking.  


That’s why today’s challenge is:



In this consumer culture, it’s far too easy to hand over your power and try to mold yourself into an image of “healthy, confident and happy” rather than become your own version of it. But the truth is: @InstagramGirl could never do YOU like you do.

All you need is a little space to hear what your Soul is saying.

So, tune out the noise and breathe into this very moment. When you pause and give yourself time to breathe, you’ll find your Soul’s truth, your worth and begin to deeply embody radical self-confidence.

The best part: it doesn’t have to be so hard.

I know, I know, @InstagramGirl makes it seem so elaborate. Rituals. Cards. Crystals. Devotionals. Yoga. Bulletproof coffee with collagen and grass-fed butter and some weird mushroom blend that costs $45 dollars an ounce. (Guilty). But truly, all you need is 5 minutes to begin.  (And to stop comparing yourself to anyone on insta, but that’s an email for another day).

Keep it simple by tuning into this >>>>simple 5 minute meditation <<<< I made for you.

Just grab your journal, a pair of headphones and tune in.  Before the medi, jot down in your journal:

  • How do I feel right now?

  • What do I need today?

  • What am I celebrating within myself today?

When you’re done, hop on Instagram and share your meditation space with us using the hashtag #IAmMyOwnResponsibility. (Oh shit, did you just become your very own version of @InstagramGirl!?!)  ;)

This simple practice has the power to change your life long-term. But don’t take it from me! The women in Awaken Her Soul use my weekly meditations to heal, love themselves more, and finally make time for their truth:

I can’t wait to celebrate with you!



P.S. TOMORROW I’m hosting a 90 minute Masterclass at 1pm Pacific Time (11am Central Time
10am Eastern Time)
on taking all of this to the next level.




“At the end of Awaken Her Soul, I'm feeling a greater sense of peace inside, which is no small feat in this over-thinker's brain. I feel less frantic, am imposing my expectations and the "should's" LESS, and living out of and respond to the actual moment more.  I'm feeling more trust in myself, which is allowing me to release the death grip I often hold on each moment. And believe me, this makes me a more relaxed, engaged, happier person, mother, wife, coach, and all around just a more pleasant person to bump into in the grocery store.  Myself and everyone in my life thank you and the women in this group for every nourishing question and conversation we've had over the past three months.


Before this, I was starting to just feel dulled, you know? Like my energy was draining away from me and I couldn't figure out how or why or what I needed to get it back.  Turns out, I needed me. Huge significant, intrinsic, magical parts of ME that I'd unconsciously decided I wasn't allowed to have anymore, for one ridiculous reason or another.  And just BEING around you (Madison) was hugely instrumental in helping me reconnect with those pieces. Lifegiving, really.”  -Elaine