Day 2- Appreciate your belonging:

Challenge Day 2: Are you ready to truly BELONG?

What does belonging mean to you?

For most women I talk with in my coaching practice, belonging is often an area of deep (unspoken) pain.

I understand, because for years, I had no idea what it genuinely meant to be accepted for who I was. Even after I felt confidence in myself, my worth within relationships seriously sucked.

I’ve stumbled around in my closest relationships:

  • Lacking boundaries.

  • Playing small to “fit in,” hiding parts of my spirituality or opinions.

  • Hesitating to tell people how I really felt, even if the feeling was appreciation or love.



This summer, laying poolside, I confessed to my dear friend Kinsey that I’d wanted to get her some really awesome birthday and “just for fun” gifts, but something was stopping me. That something, I noted, was simply vulnerability. (The fear of being seen).

The fear of being seen often keeps us from showing up, loving well and belonging, right where we are.


We hold an unconscious fear that if we are seen for our fullness, that maybe we won’t be loved. This is a primal fear, it doesn’t mean you are broken! For early humans, rejection from the tribe often meant death. So when you perceive a threat to your belonging, your brain is like, “HELL NO. Protect. Hide. Retreat!!”


To your primal mind, rejection = death. (That’s why it’s so painful when we’ve been rejected for being who we are).

Your brain has not caught up to the present truth that you are safe, loved, and welcome as you are.

You’ve simply got to show yourself that it’s safe to belong.


That’s why today’s challenge is:



Cuz confidence in yourself is expanded when you realize you can be fully seen, known and loved, as you are.  

This means; the best way to be accepted for the person you are is to practice accepting how worthy you are, and to show up confidently, boldly and genuinely in your relationships.

You’ve got to take the first step. Today, cultivate belonging by passing on the love you have within to a friend.  

  • Venmo your friend $5 for coffee with a genuine note about how much you love them.

  • Write someone a card and deliver it to their home.

  • Record a video message for a friend across the country.

Dare to be seen belonging.

I know doing acts of kindness feels SO empowering, so share how this challenge made you feel, and pass along the good juju on instagram with the hashtag: #IAmMyOwnResponsibility.

Happy belonging,


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“I almost forget where I was when I first started this!  I was feeling a bit lost and stuck. I knew where I wanted to go but I was so afraid, and unsure on how to get there. I felt like there was a different person inside of me that was just wanting to break free.

I have never felt more myself than I do now. I own ALL of my beautiful, messy layers and feel that each one contributes to the abundance of my life. My life is a lot slower, simpler and free, I even purchased my dream home in a quiet town. I believe that success isn’t how much money I can make or what label I have, success is found in the journey towards living a life I am proud of on my own terms.” — Drew