Day 1- Adorn yourself (Pass the crown):

It’s day 1 of the Awaken Your Confidence Challenge and I come to you asking you to put on your crown, both literally and metaphorically.

Why? Because when we bring our desires into the physical, we show our brain what’s possible.

Let me ask, how would you feel if you showed up every day adorned to the fullest?

I’m not talking about looking “pretty,” or dressing to impress. I’m talking about choosing to feel delicious, sexy, embodied, fully you and confident because YOU want to.

If I know anything about women’s journey to confidence it’s that most of us wait until we feel good enough before we take action. We wait until we feel beautiful enough, fit enough, confident enough or bold enough before we put on the heels, wear the lipstick or even go out without makeup and our hair pulled back.

I spent years wearing clothes that hid my body, straightening my naturally curly hair, and washing the lipstick off before I left the house in fear it was “too much.” (In fear I was too much.) I’d take that tiny step toward letting myself show up and be seen in the world… but then the insecurity would stop me, telling me things like:

  • Adorning yourself and wanting to feel beautiful is vain.

  • If I go out this dressed up, it will draw unwanted attention.

  • This outfit is too much/too bold/too quirky/too sexy.

I wanted people to think of me in a certain way, and I wanted to hide the desires and parts of myself I thought were unlovable.

All that energy managing other people’s perceptions of me could have been energy spent in loving myself, feeling good in my own skin, and using my confidence to live my purpose.

I now know that to live into confidence, you’ve got to LIVE INTO IT. Meaning: take aligned action.

Taking action in the direction you want to go helps communicate to your brain a new normal. A normal where you’re:

  • No longer afraid to be seen.

  • No longer living for the approval or expectations of others.

  • Honoring your desires and feeling good in your body every day.

That’s why today’s challenge is:


Together we will stand in our worth a little more by wearing something that makes us feel lush, sassy, quirky and cool. (However you wanna feel.)

Add a piece of jewelry, a bold pop of red lipstick, wear the sexy panties; or maybe for you you’d rather tone is down, go makeup free, add an epic flower crown like Queen B. Both embody confidence, grace and beauty. <3

How will you show up physically in your confidence today?

Adjust your crown, snap a pic and share it with us with the hashtag #IAmMyOwnResponsibility.


 photo by tyler mitchell for vogue

photo by tyler mitchell for vogue

Adorn yourself, Queen. It’s time to feel how you want to feel, starting with a confidence boost! Can’t wait to see how you’re embodying your confidence today.

In love,


P.S. Mark your calendar, cuz this Thursday we are going to celebrate this challenge together in a

LIVE 90 minute Masterclass on Radical Self-Confidence.  

Thursday September 27th

1pm Pacific Time (10am Eastern, 11am Central)


"When I began Awaken Her Soul I was in an okay place, but I really didn't know what it felt like to be in tune with my true power. I was still very conscious of my fears around how I come across to people and wasn't stable within my relationship with myself. There was a lot of negative self-talk and shaming.  

I didn’t fully trust that I was worthy of abundance, greatness and my power.

The biggest change I've witnessed in my life since joining the program is my belief in myself and my power. I have found my beauty, worth and power within myself through this program I feel so sure of myself and ready to begin my business, grow my relationships, and just generally take on the world; I'm in a whole different phase of my life now after having shown up for this!

My self-confidence has skyrocketed and I'm truly thriving. I am so grateful for her mentorship and support challenging me to open up to my true essence. This program is transformative.” -Steph