Write a New Story: A Free Mindset Worksheet!

No matter where you've been, you can write a new story!

Ever left a situation and found yourself over-thinking and insecure?

“How did I show up? Did I ask enough questions? Was I too quiet? Did I come across as cold, annoying, or too much!?”

The chatter in our head and the stories we play over and over can either give life, or take us out of living it fully. We over-think and feel insecure because we are held back by old stories and fear-based thinking. It’s time to shape new stories from love so we can show up fully without fear or worry! 

**Bonus: when we show up confidently with love-based stories, we are able to love others better, therefore creating the relationships we long for!

A simple way to change these thoughts is to simply notice them and then correct them. Capture your thoughts and write new ones! Start observing your thoughts, writing them down, and shape a new story (even if you don’t believe the new story yet!) Becoming conscious and aware is the first step in breaking those old agreements.

To make it simple, I made a free worksheet for you to print and practice on! I can’t wait to hear how it goes for you! 


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