How to host an epic ladies night to strengthen your friendships.

I’ve been to a ton of women’s events. From bible studies to accountability groups to cookie baking nights to brunch to wine and movie nights- I’ve done it all.  Although done with good intent, these events often feel forced, unsatisfying, and seriously lacking vulnerability.  As someone who craves deep connection, the small talk, gossip, and topical conversation that did not relate to the whole group made me wonder if there was another way.

A little over a year ago, I created a ladies night that I wanted to be a part of and started hosting it with friends. It was a no cell phone, no small talk kind of event. There were delicious snacks and the whole focus was on vulnerability and connection. I invited 10 girls over and called it a Glow Gathering.

It had major success. Every time I hosted the monthly gathering, there were tears, laughter, phone number exchanges, and hugs. I was thanked time and time again for facilitating the group, and I began to put together in my mind what was so different about this meeting compared to the ones of the past.

Here are the 7 things I did to insure an epic ladies night that strengthens friendship. 

(Be sure to steal them for your own gal's night.)

1. They were focused on being real, the whole time

I established from the start that we were being authentic, and set the tone by being authentic first.

2. Everyone got a chance to speak

The shy and quiet ones, I see you. Your turn. We wanted to hear from everyone.

3. There was a purpose, but not too outlined, scripted, or forced

I started the evening with 5 simple questions and a theme everyone knew in advance.  It led the conversation, but was able to flow where it needed to.

4. There was no gossip

No one spoke a word about other people.

5. It was a safe space

It was established from the beginning that there would be no talk of what was said to people who did not attend or after the event.

6. No grammin’

Cell phones were put up, so people felt free to share without being an instagram prop and people felt like others actually cared, with there being no distractions.

7. Gratitude

We ended each night by honoring someone in the room, while honoring ourselves. It is always the most emotional part of the evening.

If you are a host of frequent ladies nights, try to implement these tips to make your night extra juicy and meaningful. Trust me, it will strengthen your friendships and maybe create new ones. 

If you live in Springfield, MO or surrounding cities, I offer a small group coaching session called Come Alive Gatherings for you and your friends. If you are wanting deeper connections and to do something extra special for your group of gals, check out what past hosts are saying and let's get in contact. 

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