5 Affirmations To Change Your Story Today

Those things you say to yourself, the things no one else can hear, I know they hold you back from your best life. They hold you back from making new friends, from putting yourself out there, from making the leap of faith, from pursuing your passions and curiosity. They keep you stuck in your old story, stuck in fear. 

"You're a failure...
you are pathetic...
you're fat..
you can't wear that...
you'll never be like her...
no one cares what you have to say."

Sound familiar?? 

Those thoughts bring you down, they discourage you, they keep you stuck. BUT, you can change them. How? You start by noticing them, then, you change the story.

I didn't used to think affirmations were necessary. Honestly, I laughed at the thought of repeating cute little phrases to myself, until I found myself repeating quotes to myself in hard times. I started researching affirmations and retraining your mind, and it turns out, affirmations play a huge part in thinking in a new way. 
What story are you playing over and over in your head? 

Here are 5 affirmations to change your story today:

For when you’re stressed:
I let go and accept.
For when you’re hurt:
Forgiveness is my superpower.
For when you feel like an imposter:
I deserve this success. I accept all that’s coming to me.
For when you’re scared:
I can do hard things.
For when things aren’t going how you planned:
I can create a new story.

Creating new thoughts doesn't come natural. Don't be discouraged when it's uncomfortable. Keep working at it!

Please don't hesitate to reach out if you need any more tips or tricks regarding making your thought life healthy. Shoot me an email, or find me on social media. I love getting to chat with you!

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Monthly Manifesto: POWERFUL WOMAN


A manifesto for powerful women.

I am a powerful woman.

I choose to stand.

I will not be weighed down by the past

I stand

I rise

I overcome.


I choose grace.

First for myself and then for others

I love

I give

I receive.


I choose ownership.

I will own my life and my calling

I will make hard choices

I can



I am a powerful woman.

I choose to stand.

What about you?

How are you stepping up this month and choosing to be a powerful woman?



Three years ago I was a college senior and a newlywed. I had a picture perfect life. I was vibrant and confident and knew who I was.  At least from the outside it seemed that way. If someone had peeked into my soul, what they would have really seen was fear, unworthiness, and a deep sense of shame, not for what I had done in my past, but literally for who I was.

If you had spent 5 minutes with me you may have left thinking I was funny, honest, and bold for being so sincerely myself. If you spent a few days with me you would realize that I was ashamed of my personality and was living with a lot of social anxiety.

June 2011 working with a church in mexico,  living in need of approval and deep shame for my personality

June 2011 working with a church in mexico,  living in need of approval and deep shame for my personality

I used vulnerability to keep people from knowing who I really was. By being overly open about my life and my "issues" I would keep people at an emotional distance. I used religion to feel like I had finally achieved a sense of peace and order in my life. I belonged, I was living the "right" way, I had approval through my good actions.  I used relationships to fill the deep sense of unworthiness by collecting many acquaintances but no deep friendships. 

 "If they laugh I am enough. If they think I am amazing, I am enough. If they think I'm pretty I am enough. If they think I'm interesting, smart, talented, I am enough.”

Scary, right?! I was living through other's opinions of myself. And if someone had a wavering opinion of me, I crumbled. I did not know how to be confident in my own skin. I was certainly not proud of who I was. 

December 2013, graduating college with no plans, afraid of my future, and struggling to find my voice

December 2013, graduating college with no plans, afraid of my future, and struggling to find my voice

I share this with you because I know that my story, although unique in many ways, is not unique in the struggles.  Many of you, too, are overcoming the same fears, shame, and pain.  I want you to know you can overcome. I want you to know you can truly thrive.

Today I am still funny, vulnerable, and bold. It is the real, authentic me, and I am owning it. But, something changed in me the past 3 years that is obvious to anyone who knows me.

The frantic anxiety leaving the house to go to an event has if not completely gone away, almost never happens. The people who I felt the deepest shame around no longer have a strong place in my inner circle, and I am stronger than I ever have been. I am healthier in my marriage and I have healthy boundaries.  Plus as a bonus, I actually love people, and have given up controlling them and judging them.

I still struggle like any normal human, but I want to share my journey with you. It can be easy to assume the road was easy, or that there wasn't a road at all. But the road was freaking hard. It meant facing who I was. What I was doing to hide who I was, and learning for the first time to be truly vulnerable with the people I could trust most. It meant overhauling friend groups and forgiving my parents. It meant forgiving myself and forgiving God. It meant letting go of the religious legalism that kept me safe and embracing the uncertainty in my faith journey.

June 2015 in nyc for the beautiful you life coaching inspiration day. healthy, passionate, confident. 

June 2015 in nyc for the beautiful you life coaching inspiration day. healthy, passionate, confident. 

It means moving forward. It means deciding who you want to be and taking action steps to get there. I went into 2014 with the mantra, "this is a year of freedom." And it was. I continue that tradition every year and revise my goals with my life coach quarterly. Today, set yourself an intention for this upcoming year. You don't have to wait until January! Do it today.

Who do you want to be in one year?

How do you want to feel every day?

What isn't working?

What needs to shift to make room for this vision?

Ask yourself these questions and really dig deep. Life is a gift, but it is yours to cultivate. Get to it my love. All that is waiting is your YES.

I WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU! Leave a comment below or share on Facebook.

You never know who needs to hear your story of strength.

Learn to Thrive in a Season of Change

Madison 2015-237.jpg

It is the first day of Fall, and like any season change, fall is met with fresh changes that can be both beautiful and tricky to work into your life.

Welcoming the change of a season is easy when the newness is on the horizon, but how do we adapt when life starts changing rapidly like the cool fall air?  If you can't tell, I am not just talking about the weather, but seasons of change in our lives. Whether it be changing careers, a new relationship, a change in lifestyle habits, welcoming motherhood, or even becoming a wife. We must learn a new rhythm, implement new habits, and sometimes tweak habits to create space for the freshness a new season brings. 

When we forget to create this space, we neglect our self care, we start turning up only halfway in our friendships, and those close to us can suffer from us not being able to adjust well. My hope today is that you may find some tools to care for yourself in a season of change and learn to truly thrive when everything around you seems to be shifting. 

Here are 5 ideas to jumpstart your self care and learn to thrive in a season of change:


Whether you have 10 minutes or an hour, devote your first waking moments to something that will give you energy (besides caffeine!). It might be a morning stretch, putting on your favorite playlist, opening the windows to let the breeze in, reading an inspiring book, praying or meditating. 


Take a "time out" for 10 minutes at work and just appreciate the weather, take a short walk, look for beauty and document it on instagram, or even journal out 5 reasons you welcome today and all it is. Get creative!


I truly believe that becoming educated on your season of life is vital. Read books that stretch your mind. Listen to TED talks, sermons, teachers, audio books. Expand your mind and start implementing what you are learning. 9/10 times, when someone in my life is inspired and welcomes change, they are also welcoming learning and thriving on what they are taking in! Be a sponge of all life is teaching you!


It doesn't have to be with a coach or a counselor, just discuss your life with a close friend. Seek community. The safest place to be when all is changing is in a community of loving people. Be vulnerable about the challenges you are facing and your fears. There is time for advice, and there is time for listening. Tell them what you need and let them meet it for you. 


Every day write out why you are thankful for this season and what it is teaching you. Start a gratitude blog or journal. Say a prayer of thankfulness every morning. Write thank you cards to the people who are impacting your life the most. Spread that shiii all around. 

**BONUS** Tips from the tribe:

Last week I asked the TRIBE what self care looks like to you. You all had amazing answers I wanted to include here. There is so much we can learn from each other!!

Adrianne says: "Putting your self first is absolutely not selfish, it's crucial. It's like the scenario..you're in a plane and there is lack of oxygen for example. You put your mask on first and then you help others." **She includes dry brushing, dancing, saying affirmations, and doing yoga in her daily self care. 
Liz says: "You have to decide what is important for your mental health each day. Each day it may change."
Katie says: "Self-care is really important to me and I set aside up to an hour every night to sit in my own space and relax with some tea, a book and some knitting. Ya gotta take a moment to silence your life and appreciate everything you have."
Brianne says: "For me self care is getting up and sitting on the front porch listening to some worship music and reading my bible. sometimes something as simple as letting myself get a snickers bar when I check out at the grocery store." 
Valerie says: "Self care is so important and you learn a lot about yourself and others everyday you apply it. I felt so bad and it was a little uncomfortable because I tend to be a people person, but after granting myself a self care 'week' I want to implement it in my everyday routine!"
Mallory says: "I used to feel selfish and put me last but when I changed that, I saw how much more mentally, emotionally, spiritually, ect. sound I was."
Kate says: "I realized the first thing is to care for, heal, and teach the self...then (maybe as an elder) pass some of that goodness on to others."

It is pretty clear that the tribe is full of women learning to practice self care and walking out what they believe. Thriving in a season of change doesn't have to be hard or scary.


What about you??  Are you navigating in a new season? What can you take and implement TODAY?  Please leave a comment below and share your story.

Much love xx, Madison