Trailblazers Episode 3: Sarah Lajeunesse

Trailblazers Episode 3: Sarah Lajeunesse

Sarah is one of those people you meet and have a love at first sight moment. (That's how our friendship began, anyway.) Ever since I met this beautiful soul in 2015, she has continued to inspire me as a life coach, speaker, and dear friend. In the episode we discuss self care, being a woman, and finding your tribe. Sarah get's real about her breakdown in the corporate world, and how she found her footing and learned to honor her true self. Prepare to fall in love. 

Here are some of the things we touch on in Sarah's interview:

  • 9min: Wanting change vs deciding to change
  • 12min: Self care limits
  • 19min: How journaling helps your self care (grab a free 31 day journal guide here!)
  • 25min: Female emotional strength in the workplace
  • 32min: I mention not crying, but this past month I went to therapy about it and have been crying like a damn fountain on full blast ;)
  • 38min: What to do when something is "missing."
  • 42min: Searching for problems to fix vs waiting for them to come up naturally 
  • 47min: On being single and traveling alone
  • 58min: Who are you doing things for?
  • 1 hour: No one deserves to be in your life, not even family
  • 1 hour 10 min: finding your people

More about Sarah Lajeunesse:

Sarah is a lifestyle and wellness coach wildly passionate about supporting young women out of stress, overwhelm, and uncertainty and into lives that they adore. She combines her passion for yoga, health and wellness, nutrition, personal development, and self-care to help women create the life of their dreams. Through 1:1 sessions, speaking engagements,  and sharing tips and tricks on her blog, Sarah is on a mission to inspire and empower. 


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How I Satisfied My Need for Approval

How I satisfied my need for approval through self love, plus 10 affirmations to help you find self acceptance.

Self love. Self approval.  They are possibly the the biggest trends in personal wellness right now. When I was first introduced to the idea of self love, I wanted to reject it. It felt prideful and self indulgent.  I thought (in hindsight), that I was better and tougher than needing to love myself. I have learned since then that self love is a necessity to thriving as a healthy, whole person.  The shift for me did not come all at once, but one way of thinking truly helped me stop seeing it as indulgence and start seeing it as necessary.


It was the shift from self love and approval to self acceptance.

One of the biggest struggles I have faced in my personal growth is a deep need for the approval of others.  In a life coaching session with my first life coach, I realized not only did I tend to seek approval from others, but I wasn’t even comfortable with the thought of loving and approving of myself. It was quite obvious that the reason I so deeply sought approval from others was because I refused to approve of myself. The word approval made me feel like I had to do something to earn it. I felt that if I approved of myself then I must think really highly of myself and must think I have “arrived” so to speak.  My coach was amazing at helping me see a new perspective and asked me if I knew of another word for approval that I may be more comfortable with.


As I spoke it out loud I felt my spirit shift. It was a huge “ah-ha” moment for me. Acceptance of myself felt more gentle. It came with peace and ease. The definition of the word refers to welcoming, having favor for, or receiving what is offered. (  

Self acceptance gives room for the real you. It does not base your self love on whether or not you feel worthy.  It is not complacent.


You are enough today. In this moment. As you are. This is your journey. Your path. Your body. Your mind. I promise you, when you make peace with who you truly are you will no longer desire the approval of others.

Here are 10 affirmations to shift your thinking to acceptance:

  1. I  accept myself just as I am.

  2. I am open to love.

  3. I am worthy of good things.

  4. I trust that there is a divine plan for my life.

  5. I am happy in my own skin.

  6. My body is a blessing.

  7. I am able.

  8. I attract love and give love freely.

  9. I honor myself with my thoughts.

  10. I only compare myself to my best self.


Let's get the convo going!

leave a comment with your story below & how self acceptance changes your self love game.

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xx, Madison

Learn to Thrive in a Season of Change

Madison 2015-237.jpg

It is the first day of Fall, and like any season change, fall is met with fresh changes that can be both beautiful and tricky to work into your life.

Welcoming the change of a season is easy when the newness is on the horizon, but how do we adapt when life starts changing rapidly like the cool fall air?  If you can't tell, I am not just talking about the weather, but seasons of change in our lives. Whether it be changing careers, a new relationship, a change in lifestyle habits, welcoming motherhood, or even becoming a wife. We must learn a new rhythm, implement new habits, and sometimes tweak habits to create space for the freshness a new season brings. 

When we forget to create this space, we neglect our self care, we start turning up only halfway in our friendships, and those close to us can suffer from us not being able to adjust well. My hope today is that you may find some tools to care for yourself in a season of change and learn to truly thrive when everything around you seems to be shifting. 

Here are 5 ideas to jumpstart your self care and learn to thrive in a season of change:


Whether you have 10 minutes or an hour, devote your first waking moments to something that will give you energy (besides caffeine!). It might be a morning stretch, putting on your favorite playlist, opening the windows to let the breeze in, reading an inspiring book, praying or meditating. 


Take a "time out" for 10 minutes at work and just appreciate the weather, take a short walk, look for beauty and document it on instagram, or even journal out 5 reasons you welcome today and all it is. Get creative!


I truly believe that becoming educated on your season of life is vital. Read books that stretch your mind. Listen to TED talks, sermons, teachers, audio books. Expand your mind and start implementing what you are learning. 9/10 times, when someone in my life is inspired and welcomes change, they are also welcoming learning and thriving on what they are taking in! Be a sponge of all life is teaching you!


It doesn't have to be with a coach or a counselor, just discuss your life with a close friend. Seek community. The safest place to be when all is changing is in a community of loving people. Be vulnerable about the challenges you are facing and your fears. There is time for advice, and there is time for listening. Tell them what you need and let them meet it for you. 


Every day write out why you are thankful for this season and what it is teaching you. Start a gratitude blog or journal. Say a prayer of thankfulness every morning. Write thank you cards to the people who are impacting your life the most. Spread that shiii all around. 

**BONUS** Tips from the tribe:

Last week I asked the TRIBE what self care looks like to you. You all had amazing answers I wanted to include here. There is so much we can learn from each other!!

Adrianne says: "Putting your self first is absolutely not selfish, it's crucial. It's like the're in a plane and there is lack of oxygen for example. You put your mask on first and then you help others." **She includes dry brushing, dancing, saying affirmations, and doing yoga in her daily self care. 
Liz says: "You have to decide what is important for your mental health each day. Each day it may change."
Katie says: "Self-care is really important to me and I set aside up to an hour every night to sit in my own space and relax with some tea, a book and some knitting. Ya gotta take a moment to silence your life and appreciate everything you have."
Brianne says: "For me self care is getting up and sitting on the front porch listening to some worship music and reading my bible. sometimes something as simple as letting myself get a snickers bar when I check out at the grocery store." 
Valerie says: "Self care is so important and you learn a lot about yourself and others everyday you apply it. I felt so bad and it was a little uncomfortable because I tend to be a people person, but after granting myself a self care 'week' I want to implement it in my everyday routine!"
Mallory says: "I used to feel selfish and put me last but when I changed that, I saw how much more mentally, emotionally, spiritually, ect. sound I was."
Kate says: "I realized the first thing is to care for, heal, and teach the self...then (maybe as an elder) pass some of that goodness on to others."

It is pretty clear that the tribe is full of women learning to practice self care and walking out what they believe. Thriving in a season of change doesn't have to be hard or scary.


What about you??  Are you navigating in a new season? What can you take and implement TODAY?  Please leave a comment below and share your story.

Much love xx, Madison