5 Affirmations To Change Your Story Today

Those things you say to yourself, the things no one else can hear, I know they hold you back from your best life. They hold you back from making new friends, from putting yourself out there, from making the leap of faith, from pursuing your passions and curiosity. They keep you stuck in your old story, stuck in fear. 

"You're a failure...
you are pathetic...
you're fat..
you can't wear that...
you'll never be like her...
no one cares what you have to say."

Sound familiar?? 

Those thoughts bring you down, they discourage you, they keep you stuck. BUT, you can change them. How? You start by noticing them, then, you change the story.

I didn't used to think affirmations were necessary. Honestly, I laughed at the thought of repeating cute little phrases to myself, until I found myself repeating quotes to myself in hard times. I started researching affirmations and retraining your mind, and it turns out, affirmations play a huge part in thinking in a new way. 
What story are you playing over and over in your head? 

Here are 5 affirmations to change your story today:

For when you’re stressed:
I let go and accept.
For when you’re hurt:
Forgiveness is my superpower.
For when you feel like an imposter:
I deserve this success. I accept all that’s coming to me.
For when you’re scared:
I can do hard things.
For when things aren’t going how you planned:
I can create a new story.

Creating new thoughts doesn't come natural. Don't be discouraged when it's uncomfortable. Keep working at it!

Please don't hesitate to reach out if you need any more tips or tricks regarding making your thought life healthy. Shoot me an email, or find me on social media. I love getting to chat with you!

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Free Iphone Wallpapers to Help Keep Your Mind Right + 3 ways to stay in your joy


Have you ever been through a season where it’s really difficult to find the good? 

I know I have. 

The truth is, there is a lot in the world that breaks my heart. There is dysfunction in my family that I can’t fix  and there are situations I’ve had to let go of simply because I can't carry the weight.

I've learned though that no matter what is happening around me, I have the power to create the state I long to live in! I am in control of me and only me, and that is all I need to feel good in my own life. 

I’m done living in a state of heaviness and helplessness. What good am I to the world if I can’t see the hope, the love, and the good I already have?! The change we want to see in our lives, in our families, and in the world must first happen inside of us. 

Living fully alive isn’t about denying the bad, it’s about seeing the whole picture; the good and the bad, the duality of life, and choosing to give your energy to what gives life, not takes life away.

Here are my 3 favorite ways to stay in my joy when life is tough (PLUS a free wallpaper download!):


Your life is up to you. Many people live as a victim (I used to). When you live like life is happening to you, life feels scary and out of control. You become powerless to the actions of others, to the government, and to circumstance. When you consciously take responsibility of every aspect in your life, both good and bad, all of your choices, and stop blaming, life becomes much lighter. You and you alone are responsible for you. This mentality changed everything for me.


What are you giving your energy to? I fall into patterns of scrolling Facebook, reading headlines, and getting flustered before I realize I’ve gotten sucked into the funnel of negativity. Start being aware of where your energy is going; stay present! What conversations are you engaging in? What are you reading? What are you dwelling on? 

If you find yourself constantly telling the same story over and over, complaining, venting, and ruminating on what someone said to you, it’s time to take back your power and be present. 


I try to infuse my days with as much gratitude and good thoughts as possible. Our reality is shaped by our beliefs, so why not choose to believe life is happening for us!? To do this,  I repeat affirmations, I focus my mind on truth, and I leave myself reminders everywhere. 

Choose to meditate on the good and learn to have your own personal joy no matter what is happening around you. To help you get started, I have 4 iphone wallpapers to center you on the truth of who you really are! 



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Kindness isn't Always a Virtue + how to make the switch from being kind to being genuine

When I was young, my idol was Elle Woods from Legally Blonde. She was beautiful, smart, positive, and most of all kind. I admired her ability to be loving and joyful in all situations. Being positive felt natural for the most part. I carried a journal with me for an entire year called, “The List of Things I Love.” I still have it too, besides for the page dedicated to a high school boyfriend… oh geeze.

Kindness was my ultimate goal. Since childhood I've made gratitude lists.  I wrote people kind cards and encouraging letters weekly. I won an award for being the most positive person in high school. SUCCESS!!  I was acting like the person I genuinely wanted to be. But it wasn’t the whole truth.

My kindness was a way for me to uplift people, but it was also a mask I hid behind. More than wanting to BE kind, I wanted to be SEEN as kind. I wanted to please people. I wanted them to like me.  In my desperation to be liked, I hid my real feelings. I sucked up and flattered everyone. It’s funny how disingenuous I was, considering positivity is a natural strength of mine. The pure heart of positivity I had naturally was tainted by my inability to be real with myself.  

Learning to be okay with my frustrations, to experience my anger, to stop letting people off the hook- it was hard.  I had to learn what forgiveness really meant, and what kindness really meant. I had to learn how to be genuine, and to admit that I could never be perfect. (Darn.)

Now I realize that, more than kindness, genuineness is the true virtue.

Here are 4 ways to make the switch from kindness to genuineness today:

  1. Stop flattering everyone and give more compliments. Speak up for the good you see, as long as you’re sincere. Make your words have weight. Many believe that when God spoke, the universe was created. I want to have weight in the things I say. Let them be sincere.

  2. Stop saying, “It’s okay!” when it’s so clearly not. Tell people the truth.

  3. Say no when you want to say no.  Your yes will hold more weight this way. You will be more respected. You will be genuinely agreeing in spirit and in action, and it will feel a whole lot better than a half-hearted yes.

  4. Everyone is not meant to like you. Some people just don’t click. Don’t dwell on it, just go and find your people. (They exist, I promise!!)

  5. Check your motive. Ask yourself why you are doing something. Are you longing to be seen? Are you needing affirmation? Are you seeking approval? Is this action coming from love or fear?

Genuine kindness is a virtue. It’s kindness willing to go unseen. It’s from the place of love, not fear. If your kindness is a mask, you will feel fake, fearful, and isolated. The real you is better. (Even if she pisses a few people off and says no.)

Have an amazing week! Thanks for sharing a part of yours with me. If you enjoyed this article, please share with your friends and tag me so I can see! I love it when I get to connect with you on social media. xx, Madison.