Who needs a life coach, anyway? 5 traits all my clients share


Life coaching, who the heck needs it!? It isn't counseling. It isn't exactly mentorship... so, who is it for? Today I want to lay out what I look for in my clients. If you are considering coaching as an option for your own life, read through these and see if any of them resonate with you!  

1. Someone who is ready to take action:

People who get the most from coaching are people who recognize there is more for them. They know there is untapped potential inside themselves and are eager to grow. They are sick and tired of the same-old and are ready to come alive in new ways. 

2. Someone in the midst of a big change

Many of my clients are in the midst of big changes in life or are coming out of a season of big change. From divorce, to breakups, to moving cities, to job changes; change in life often brings big lessons and clarity which would not have come otherwise. I have seen my clients grow and stretch in those times like never before, and I know from watching it in my clients and seeing a coach myself, that having support brings massive clarity which otherwise happens more slowly. 

3. Someone who wants to overcome old thought patterns

This is probably the foundation for all of my work as a coach. Seeing my clients overcome fear, shame, and step into their new ways of thinking brings me so much joy. Once you change your mind, your actions and life follow. When my clients say things like "I'm so ready for a change" or "I just can't live in this rut anymore," I know that they are a perfect candidate for coaching. 

4. Someone who wants to be their best

A client of mine recently said that she feels like I am her ballet teacher. Although she is very skilled in self awareness and is great at taking care of herself, she knows from experience in performance how having a coach, practicing, reflecting, and having an outside perspective is what makes good, great.

(Coaching isn't meant to make you someone you're not, it helps you become YOUR best. It's the fine tuning, the support, and the perspective to keep you on the path you want to go on. It's helping your dance YOUR dance your best)

5. Someone who is willing to do the work.

Most people desire confidence, a healthy lifestyle, and amazing relationships. But unfortunately, most people do not actively seek those things out. The women I work with are done letting life pass them by. They know the only time to make those changes is today. They don't let life slip through their fingertips, they take life by the... steering wheel. 

If you have more questions about coaching, what it is and who it is for, be sure to read more here. 


If you are ready to take life by the (you know) and really come alive to your best, book a 30 minute with me. It's free, it's non-committal, and it will give you a lot of clarity about what coaching can do for you.  

Beautiful You Coaching Academy Review | Part 2: Interview with founder Julie Parker

Beautiful You Coaching Academy Review

This week one year ago I made a decision to attend Beautiful You Coaching Academy, a choice that changed my life forever. In honor of my journey I want to share with you heart of Beautiful You, as well as my experience.  I chose to make this a 2-part post because I have SO MUCH GOOD to say about the program and everyone in it. Part 1 was all about my experience with Beautiful You, Part 2 is an interview with founder and lead trainer, Julie Parker. 

Julie is one of the kindest, most passionate women I know and it is such an honor to have her interview on the blog.  She exemplifies the grace and love that I strive for in my coaching. 

If you're thinking of becoming a coach, or wondering why I chose BYCA as my school, get to know Julie today. Her genuine love of life and people rub off on everyone who interacts with her.  Working so closely with her through the course made it that much more intimate. She's not only my trainer and owner of the company, she is truly a mentor. 

Julie Parker and I at the NYC Beautiful You event June 2015

Julie Parker and I at the NYC Beautiful You event June 2015

 About Julie Parker:

Julie Parker is one of Australia’s foremost life and business coaches and trainers with more than a decade’s experience inspiring hundreds of clients and thousands of people to create beautiful lives and businesses.  The CEO and Founder of The Beautiful You Coaching Academy, Julie passionately trains and supports heart centered and gifted people to bring their talents and love of giving into the world as life coaches.

Julie is a published author and Tedx speaker.  She is the recipient of numerous awards including the Australia Day Citizenship Award and Business and Professional Women’s Woman of Achievement Award.  Julie appears regularly in the media including Today Tonight, A Current Affair, Sunrise and The Morning Show, as well as publications such as Grazia, Cleo, Cosmopolitan, Fitness and Health and national newspapers.  She is also the Editor in Chief of inspired COACH Magazine.

Julie lives in Melbourne with her husband, stepdaughter and two much loved adopted cats.  

Julie, thank you for taking the time to share your story and heart with my tribe. 

What inspired you to start BYCA?

 "I have been a life and business coach for more than fifteen years and in the last years of working with my clients before establishing the Beautiful You Coaching Academy, I was chiefly coaching coaches.  They wanted to learn how I was coaching my clients and marketing myself to create the sort of business they wanted for themselves.


I loved helping them in a way that was soulful, authentic and focused on how they wanted to feel as a coach and entrepreneur every day.  However eventually I became so in demand (a very lovely issue to have!) that I had a six month waiting list and I knew I couldn’t sustain that for any length of time.

I consulted an amazing business coach and she bought to the surface something I had been secretly thinking about for a long time which was starting a life coaching academy training coaches, (and those who wanted to become one), in the way I was successfully working with clients, something I had developed and evolved over many years.

And we started small with a lovely pilot group and since then have grown to have hundreds of Beautiful You Life Coaches from all over the world.  I love training them and seeing the incredible impact they are having on the world."

"I founded the Beautiful You Coaching Academy out of my sheer love for and commitment to coaching."

What is different about BYCA compared to other schools?

The Beautiful You Life Coaching Course is very heart centered, caring, inclusive and embracing of people who want to bring their own skills, passions, education and experiences to become the type of coach that is going to make them feel happy, fulfilled and like they are making a real difference in the world.  We provide our trainees with an incredible coaching model that is certified by the International Coaching Federation and that we know works, however we want everyone who learns with us to take what we teach them and truly make it their own.

We are not the sort of training school that tells people you must ‘do it this way’ or that you are a ‘bad’ coach if you don’t.  We are much more flexible, open and inclusive than that and I am sure that’s the reason why we attract truly caring, soulful trainees that are creating successful coaching businesses in their own way and inspiring so many clients while doing so.  It also I am sure is part of the reason why our courses are so in demand and often sell out months in advance!

What is your favorite part of your job?

I’d love to sneak in two if I may!

I get a thrill every time I see a Beautiful You Coaching Academy trainee or new coach shout from the rooftops when they get their first paying client.  That will never get old for me and I am always so overjoyed for them when it happens.

The second is seeing the incredible relationships that develop in every course with people from all over the world.  It is truly magical and I feel very blessed to be a small part of seeing that unfold and the richness it brings to our coaches lives.

What would she say to someone wanting to be a coach, but is unsure if they are "healthy" or "emotionally ready" enough?

Be lovingly honest with yourself.

If you genuinely feel as though you need loving time to entirely focus on you and your own healing then take that and know that if becoming a life coach is calling you – it will still be there when you are feeling stronger.  However also know that it is a myth that life coaches need to have ‘perfect lives’ – everything sorted out – be fully ok all the time – never get things wrong – not make mistakes – have pristine relationships – and whatever else perfectionist type binds we place on ourselves. 

"The best coaches are those who embrace their flaws and the messiness of life."

Clients do not want to see pristine versions of people that we may think we know on the internet, but in reality are a façade of what is a genuine life.  They want someone real, relatable and working through the inevitable peaks and valleys of life like we all do. 

And so if you know you are not available enough to help others because you need help first – then by all means be brave and work on you to get those things back to a loving place for yourself.  If however you just ‘think’ you have to have those things where they ‘should’ be then please give yourself a nice break! You are totally enough as you are and do not need to be anything more than yourself to be a wonderful coach.

I asked Julie these specific questions today because they were the questions I asked when I was searching for my path. Why Beautiful You? Would I truly love this job? What if I'm not ready? What if I'm not enough? What does "heart centered" mean and how can I become wholehearted? 

All of these questions were answered on my journey with BYCA and continue to show themselves true. Julie is a complete inspiration to me, and even more of a peach in person. (As you can see above, we are total floral twins!) 

If you would like to hear more from Julie, find her on the Beautiful You site, Facebook, and Instagram. 

If you want to chat with me more about my experience with Beautiful You, I would love to chat. Shoot me a message! Read about my experience with BYCA here. 


My experience: A Full Review of Beautiful You Coaching Academy

A full Review: My experience with Beautiful You Coaching Academy.

One year ago this week I enrolled in Beautiful You Coaching Academy.  In honor of my BYCA family anniversary, I want to share with you a 2-part post about my experience with Beautiful You and my journey through the program.

**View part 2: an exclusive interview with CEO and founder Julie Parker! 

How I found Beautiful You

After graduating college, I went on a long personal journey of healing and truly understanding myself. It was September 2014 when I discovered the course, but they were not offering international students and I was in the midst of really healing from the past.  I decided to do a couple months of serious counseling and then check back. By December, BYCA had announced that they were enrolling for online courses worldwide. At that point, I knew it was for me. I had done all the research, talked to numerous schools, read blogs from people who had gone through the training, and even spoke on the phone with people choosing the best fit for me.  After the holidays were over, my husband and I had finally  saved enough money for the payment. January 29, 2015 I said YES to the life of my dreams.  In fact, the week I made the payment, my counselor asked me to stop coming regularly. To me, it was a confirmation that the time was NOW. 

It was official. I was going to be a life coach. I started imagining my life as a coach and how I would launch by first site, etc.  What I didn't realize is how going though the course would not only make me a life coach, it would make me a better human.  It's just one year later, and I live my dream life more and more every day. I have learned to be my own #girlboss, have developed skills I didn't even know were skills, and made new relationships that have truly changed my life. 


Relationships made through Beautiful You

The six month long course began in May. By June I was in New York City meeting my trainers face to face, as well as my coaching buddy, Christine, who I had begun chatting with and practicing with on a regular basis. I will never forget the energy of that day, women from Australia, Haiti, Belgium, Canada, the USA (and more) all in one room together hearing from the top leaders in our field, embracing them, asking them face to face questions on how they built their business and about their personal life. 

The most beautiful part is that the relationships haven't ended there. 

Sunday I chatted with a fellow coach from Italy, and this morning I did an interview with a coach in Canada. Not a day goes by that I don't hear from or connect with one of my training buddies. The community of support and love is beyond anything I dreamed of. 

Studying Online with Beautiful You

I'll be honest, taking an online course scared me a lot. I had been through traditional college, and liked the face to face style of learning.  But the system set up by Julie (CEO) and the team made for an extremely connected experience. Textbooks, lectures, podcasts by top coaches, live training calls numerous times a month, workbooks, worksheets, a private facebook group, and a complete online membership site made this course a part of my daily life. 

I felt 100% connected to the women in the group as well as the trainers. It was easy to approach them about fears, limiting beliefs, and they provided amazing feedback regarding my progress. I hold these women so dear to my heart and consider them some of my closest friends and mentors. 

Why I Chose Beautiful You Coaching Academy

Apart from being extremely esteemed by coaches in the industry, Beautiful You is an International Coaching Federation certified course. (The ICF is highly regarded as the industry standard for training). Seeing that Beautiful You was not only the go-to for the coaches I was following, but it also had the credentials to back it up and help me further my career, well, it just made sense.

The heart-centered approach taken by BYCA also appealed to me. Many coaching organizations I had found were very business and corporate focused. I had no interest in that realm of work and was looking for more than just setting and achieving goals. I wanted to get to the heart, I wanted to help people live the life they desired deep down, not just help them achieve, but truly become. That was the heart of Beautiful You the entire way through. 

Launching a Business as a BYCA coach

It is no lie that my journey as a coach is still fresh, but boy, has it been exciting. Because of the tools, education and contacts given to me by Beautiful You, I have been able to coach upwards of 14 women in my first 4 months as a coach. I had PAID wait-list clients before my graduation date. I have been nominated for 3 awards, won the "CEO Shine Award," and have worked with fellow coaches on their programs. I am launching a local project in the next month as well! Without Beautiful You and the education I have gained, the confidence in my coaching skills, the knowledge and resource base I have to continue growing, and the connections with wholehearted women, I would not be where I am today. 

UPDATE: Within 9 months of launching my business, I replaced my full time income and quit my job. I started a podcast, lead monthly local workshops, have worked with clients internationally, and work with 20-25 women a month. I even won the BYCA International Coach of The Year— Read about that journey HERE.

Considering becoming a coach yourself?

5 Reasons Your BFF Isn't Your Life Coach

Friends are my lifeblood. I thrive on relationships, soul talks, and getting down with my girlfriends. With my closest friends and safe people, I have open, loving, and raw relationships. 

Yet, I see a life coach. 

The truth is, friends are an amazing support.  I truly believe that friendship is one of the most important aspects to living a healthy life. But what you need to know is that it is unfair to your friends to expect them to be your life coach. It's unfair to you as well!  Your friends are not your life coach. 

Your Best friend is not your life coach.  

1. Coaches are trained active listeners.

In my coach training, we had entire chapters dedicated to active listening. Let me tell you, I do not actively listen to my friends like I do when I am coaching a client. It is a different kind of awareness that takes a lot of energy and focus. Typically, friends are not listening in this way. It is not practical in day to day conversation, and it takes training to learn and practice to master. In most relationships, this kind of listening is not present nor is it expected. 

2. Friends talk to relate and connect.

The very nature of friendship is companionship. In friendship, you talk, share, listen, tell stories, and relate.  Connection is built on shared vulnerability and openness. Coaching, takes a completely different approach to a relationship. Yes, my clients and I are very friendly, and I truly love them, but when I talk with them, it is about them. I am vulnerable, open, and relatable with my clients, but always in a way that directly benefits them and always goes back to them. It is not about me being heard, ever. In friendship, that kind of relationship is expected and healthy, but in coaching, the focus is 100% on the client. Every. Time. 

3. Coaches ask hard questions. 

In friendship, hard questions are sometimes asked. But after going through coach training I have learned what kinds of questions are beneficial, what kinds of questions to ask when, and what kind of questions actually hinder the client from growth or might cause shame.  Friends are often asking for juicy details, asking to be your biggest support and take your side of a conflict, or asking questions that are not as challenging to your spirit. Coaches are trained to keep the focus on self actualization, moving forward, and positive change. They keep you out of negative story telling and on what you're learning, feeling, and where you want to go; training your mind to think differently.

4. Your coach is separate from your daily life.

Your friends hear all of your stories, they know the ins and outs of your life. They've seen you drunk on the bathroom floor, held you as you cried, and helped you pick out the dress that looks best on you. But have they helped you make 6 month goals and created action steps for you to get there? Probably not. (And that's okay!!) It's not their job! Their job is to be there in the daily with you. A life coach's job is to stay subjective, to motivate, and to call out the best from an outside perspective, and finally to help you realize that you probably already know the answers if given the space to figure it out. 

5. Your coach sees you with fresh eyes.

Your coach sees you with unbiassed eyes. Coaching is 100% nonjudgemental and confidential, which means that what is shared in coaching not only stays between you two, it does not change how your coach sees you. Your coach has no emotional attachment to your "mistakes" but can see clearly where you are at. Your coach can see your wins as HUGE successes, because they know the mindsets you had to overcome to get there. Your coach sees you for not only who you are, but who you are becoming, and is dedicated to help you get there.


Most coaches are trained with degrees and certifications specializing in the field. It's their profession, and they are well prepared to handle a coaching relationship! Read more about what coaching is here. 

As amazing as your best friend is, she is not your life coach. Take that burden off her! BE with her, share stories, get vulnerable, and create an amazing friendship. 

If coaching sounds like something that interests you, hit me up for a FREE 30 minute consultation.

Want to learn more about if life coaching is right for you? Click here!