What it Takes to Be a Person of Influence

I have always strived to be a person of influence. It may come from being the oldest sibling in my home, or maybe from my passionate extroversion. Honestly, I think something in all of us wants to make an impact of this world, we just don't think we have what it takes. We leave it in the hands of the big dogs, the experts. We hand over our power and choose to play it small.  I hope today a fire is sparked in you that says you already are a person of influence. I hope you realize you have opportunities to change the world, every day and begin to cultivate that in your life. 

It all begins with understanding that influence is your birthright, it is constant, and it is your responsibility. 

Influence is your Birthright:

When you were born into this world, you were naked, without skill, without speech. In your helpless state you met the world with two immediate truths: you were fully and overwhelmingly loved, and from your first breath you made an impact on those who came into contact with you, (ask your parents, that day changed them forever.) From birth you were given worth that says: you are loved, you have impact here. We are all people of influence, whether we realize it or not. It is not reserved for the most important people. Those with fame, money, and what seems like “spiritual and intellectual advantage” are not the only people given influence in this world. IT IS A BIRTHRIGHT. And whether you realize it or not, you are impacting people every day.

Influence is in the daily:

I realized this sobering reality in a birthday card that read, “you have played a SIGNIFICANT role in the person I am today…” WOW. That is beautiful, yes, but haunting at the same time. Without realizing it, I among many, influenced this friend to become who they are today. It is like a ripple effect. The way you live your life, speak to people, do relationships, how you work, even what you put online all impacts the people you come into contact with. Influence is our speech, our communication, how we talk about people, how we present ourselves to the world. 

You are building and shaping the people around you, influencing them and contributing to their forever- whether you realize it or not. 

Influence is your responsibility:

 Like many things you are given at birth: your mind, body, and spirit; your influence is your responsibility. You must take ownership of it and steward it well. This means becoming your best self. Putting in the work to heal from the past, to forgive, to move on, set goals, become healthy and grow as a person. No one else can do that work for you, but you and the people close to you will be influenced by your choice either way. Choosing to journey towards your highest self will thrust you into not only being a person of influence, but making a large splash in the lives of others.

Making a big splash:

Influence is constant in the daily, but when you begin to make healthy changes to your life, even in "small" areas, your influence can start to expand. Choosing to change for the positive and develop into your healthy, whole self will greatly impact those around you. Here are a few ways you might start cultivating BIG influence in your life:

Ask Yourself:

                                         share with  your  tribe!

                                        share with your tribe!

  • Who are you hanging out with? 

  • How are YOU being influenced? 

  • What stories are you buying into? (Both in your own headspace and from the media.)

  • What do you bring to the table? 

  • What are your passions?

  • What is unique about you that the world needs more of?

Leaving a legacy of influence:

Influence is a birthright, a legacy is cultivated. I want to spend some time looking at qualities of people who have influenced me. They aren't all famous people, in fact, most are your average joe. They are just people impacting their tribe in simple ways. These are the top qualities I found in my top people of influence:

  • They are Vulnerable: 

They are not perfect people, rather they know their imperfections and admit their shortcomings. This makes them relatable, and creates an environment where people are inspired to be themselves. Vulnerability is contagious.

  • They give Hope: 

Giving hope is a key factor in creating significant influence. So many people are just looking for hope. Hope that their situation will change, hope that they will become their best self, hope for the future, HOPE.

  • They are Passionate:

They know their cause. They know it because they have usually been to a place of despair and have risen from it to wholeness. They share their passion because they know what it is like to be lost and broken. 

  • They have Courage to be Themselves:

To be laughed at, to be praised, to be completely them. Seeing a person comfortable in their own skin is one of the most attractive things.

  • They Genuinely Love People

They see loving people where they are at as a part of their purpose. They set themselves up to serve and love in their daily life. 

Influence is already yours. What are you going to do with it?

So what about you?

Who has greatly impacted you? What did you learn from them? I would love to hear all about them in the comments.

xx, Madison