Steal all the wisdom I gained at The Yellow Conference 2016


Two weeks ago the girls from The Bravery Board and I packed our bags and flew from the midwest to Los Angeles with open hearts for The Yellow Conference. I wish I could have taken each of you with me to share in the experience! It was a room of women electric with passion to not only change the world, but change themselves and grow together in the process. 

This is my Yellow 2016 recap: steal all the wisdom I gained and apply it to your life!

"Don't ask what the world needs, ask what makes you come alive." -Joanna Waterfall,

founder of The Yellow Conference shared in her welcome speech. This girl is as humble as she is inspiring and I couldn't agree more. 

notes I scribbled down as the speakers shared: 


"Don't shelter yourself from rejection." 
  • There is never a perfect time to follow your passion, so why not start now? 
  • "I do not associate with people who blame the world for their problems. You are your only problem. But you are also your solution." -Megan from Bridesmaids


"Do the work of discovering, celebrating, owning, and sharing the things that make you weird." 
  • In a sea of same, weird wins. Stop hiding the things that make you unique, your weirdness is what will change the world!
  • It may not be normal to love yourself, to choose to thrive, but in doing it, you pave the way for others to do it too! 


 "Is the way you spend your day a reflection of what matters most to you?" 
  • Live more slowly: simplify, live in the moment, go outside, and be willing to ask what story your life is writing. 
  • I was really inspired to think about conscious living from her talk, and to give more attention to purchasing sustainable brands, managing my time, and being present every moment of every day.


"You've gotta know what's keeping you in prison before you can get out."
  • Your life is your art, your life is your masterpiece
  • You are not tied to your stories, you are tied to what you do with them. (aka if you don't like it, write a new one!)


"No one buys the knockoff without wishing they could afford the real thing... you're ready to be a replica if you have no foundation."
  • Knowing your values is building a foundation for an authentic life
  • Values + Alignment = Dream life!
  • Values are traits that represent your highest priorities and deeply held driving forces. Owning them teaches others how to interact with us. 


"Kids are not afraid to be happy."
  • The things that really matter are love, joy, and light. Live like this a little bit more. 


"If you want to change the world, you have to start with your own."
  • Whose permission are you waiting for? Why couldn't you do that thing? Why couldn't you love yourself? Why couldn't you make a difference!?
  • Heal yourself first. Living a life of purpose can't be fulfilled unless you focus on healing you first. 

All in all, I left The Yellow Conference feeling inspired to live a life more authentic every day. To ask myself the hard questions, to get aligned with who I really am, spend more time in community, and to daily ask myself,

"why not me?" 

I'm so excited to bring the energy and love I gained from Yellow to this space. Cheers to inspiration! Photos c/o Cacá Santoro for The Yellow Conference.

enjoy this and want more?