Trailblazers Episode 1: Tanya Geisler on The Impostor complex

Ever felt like a fraud? Like you didn't belong? Maybe that voice was right; or maybe it was your inner impostor.

Today I'm sharing a heart warming interview with Tanya Geisler, one of my favorite humans on the planet. She helped me overcome my inner impostor the day I met her and she continues to make waves in the world of coaching. 

One year ago this week I launched this blog with a lot of fear, some high hopes, and words of a mamma bear woman embedded in my soul. Tanya Geisler was an unexpected mentor, coach mom, and friend I gained summer 2015 at the Beautiful You Training Inspiration Day. She was my push to get this baby out into the world, and one year later, I get to share her heart with you in my first Trailblazers Episode.

In thisepisode Tanya delves into her work with the impostor including what exactly it is, 4 attributes the impostor complex brings, why feeling like a fraud is totally normal, and ways to combat your own inner impostor. I can't wait for you to hear her soulful laugh and divine insight. Get ready for some real-talk and welcome to The Trailblazers Series, Episode 1.

More about Tanya:

Tanya's a leadership coach and helps high-performers combat their Impostor Complex so they can achieve their ultimate goals. Her clients include best-selling authors, public speakers, and rockstar motivators. She has written The 12 Lies of the Impostor Complex (and One Truth), The Joy Pages, created Board of Your Life and the transformational Step into Your Starring Role coaching program, has blogged for the wildly popular The Daily Love, has served as contributor and was featured in Canadian Living, and is an in-demand TEDx speaker who talks with great passion about the Impostor Complex, personal leadership, on all things joy, meaning and purpose (just try to stop her).

What you'll hear in our chat:

-3 mins: What the impostor complex is

-11 mins: 4 attributes the impostor complex brings

-19 mins: Dealing with compliment comparisons and seeing your greatness in others

-30 mins: The black and white lie of the impostor

-38 mins: What doing inward for healing really means

-51 mins: a brief riff on twerking ;)


If you want more from Tanya, be sure to listen to her Ted talk, snag her ebook, and check out her coaching packages. She can also be found inspiring on instagram and

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