My step-by-step process for setting goals that will make you feel amazing!

My step-by-step process for setting goals that will make you feel amazing!

Last week I had the amazing opportunity of being featured on the local news! (Thanks Fox 5 + Janelle Brandom!!)During the interview I dished out a few tips on setting and achieving goals, and in my true nature, I wanted to expand on what I said and give you a my “get shit done” process!

This is exactly how I go about setting goals and making to-do lists in my own life so I hope it is helpful for you!

First, discover what you really want!

You might think you want a promotion, to get a different degree, or lose 10 lbs… but there is always a deeper reason why, a deeper desire behind the goal. When I work with clients I always ask, “how will achieving that make you feel? What will be different about your life when you get to that point?” 

A few tips to get right to the heart of what you really (deep down) want:

From here, it’s easy to work backwards and set goals that honor the true you!

Then, make an actionable, simple plan! 

This is all about bridging where you are to where you want to be. Most people get overwhelmed and try to do a radical life change, mapping out their entire year and giving themselves way too much to do day 1. As the old saying goes, most people over-estimate what they can get done in a day and under-estimate what they can get done in a year!

At this point, you already know what you want your life to be like, and chances are, you know the kind of things you want to feel a year from now. Let’s pull it back and focus on making the next 3 months practical and aligned with your big vision. 

My actionable 3 by 3 method:

  • Make plans for 3 big projects/goals every 3 months (i.e. Quarterly goals)

  • Map out all your other big ideas + plans for the other 3 quarters of the year, then set them aside! This way you won’t forget them, but they won’t be a distraction from the task at hand!

  • Break down your 3-month goals into weekly tasks- 3 big tasks a week to be exact!

  • At the start of each week, write out a to-do list of 1-3 things you can do each day toward your goal!


I keep it to 3 because it’s simple and keeps me from overwhelm!  (There’s nothing more defeating than a to-do list you can’t ever get done!)  


To sum it up: get clear about who you are and what you really want. Then align your life by making simple changes; taking small, actionable steps every day. 

Things to remember as you make goals for yourself this year:

  • Success that doesn’t make you fulfilled isn’t success at all!
  • Changing too much at once leads to burnout- keep it simple + strategic
  • Life change is hard, don’t be afraid to reach out and ask for help from an accountability partner, life coach, mentor, or friend!
  • You’re going to bomb from time to time. This is normal. Keep that shame-story far away and simply try again tomorrow!

I hope this was helpful to you! If so, go ahead and share with your girlfriends on Facebook! There’s nothing like having support from friends while you chase your dreams together. 

In love, Madison

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