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What would it feel like to speak your truth without fear?

I'm not talking about you sharing your religion, your politics, or even posting your favorite cause to Facebook. I'm talking about living out the truths deep inside you. I'm talking about the freedom to ask for what you really want; the freedom to express your feelings and your desires without fear of coming across as needy, bitchy, or fearing you'll be rejected. 

I held a Come Alive Gathering the other night with 7 beautiful souls. When I asked the women what "coming alive" meant to them, I got a lot of similar answers: living fully expressed, letting go of expectations and opinions, living less from the "shoulds" and more from truth, less people pleasing, and owning their stories. 

Why do we as women live for others first? 

We spend so much time worried how others perceive us, how we meet the needs of others, if others are angry or upset with us, how to please them, how to look good for them...

It's time to stop living for everyone else's approval and start living for your own.

First, you need to know what's stopping you.  

What if I step out and fail?
What if people think I'm crazy?
What if my partner leaves me? What if my friends leave me?
What if.. what if... what if...

You stay stuck people-pleasing and not expressing yourself because it's comfortable. This doesn't mean you like being where you are, but it's certainly better than the fear of the unknown.

Living from comfort is a sure way you'll never fully own your story and find your power.

Do something this weekend to get out of your comfort zone. Start small! Go to that yoga class alone, ask someone out for coffee, strike up a conversation with a stranger. Get out of your comfort zone and discover how capable and brave and fearless you really are. (Trust me, the fear is worse than just doing it!)

Simply noticing you're dissatisfied is not enough, you must act.



You must choose to walk the path that you've never walked. Get uncomfortable.

Put yourself out there, be open to being known, set boundaries, step out and do the thing.

You are so capable. Plus, you deserve it.




3 ways to take the lead in your life


You’d be shocked at how small I can become. Like those skilled contortionists at the circus, I molded myself into an ideal image I thought I was expected to uphold. I knew how to play the game, keep everyone smiling, keep everyone clapping.  

I tried to make everyone happy, lived for other people’s expectations, never asked questions, and avoided stirring the pot at all costs. 
"Play nice.
Play your part.
Play it safe.
Play small."

I tried so damn hard to fit into a box; a box that I willingly jumped in, I might add!  
The prison of expectations and the shame for falling short was not something I could blame others for. I was the one who needed the approval. I was the one who wanted to have everything under control. I was the one playing so small…
that is until I decided to own my life, play to my strengths, and let go of the opinions of others. 
I dare you to play big. Reject the role you were never meant to play and take the lead in your own life. Free yourself from the prison. Jump out of the box. Give yourself permission, I promise the only one keeping you small is you. 

If you’re unsure where to start, here are 3 of my go-to tips to get aligned + come alive:
1. Get honest + put pen to paper! 
Journaling is one of the most effective ways to discover who we are, what we want, and coach ourselves through our mental blocks. It doesn’t have to take a lot of time either. Give yourself 5 minutes a day. The hardest part is just sitting down to do it!
2. Find your true tribe!
Take an inventory of the people in your life. Are they supportive of your growth? Do they help you become a better you? Do they know the real you and love you for all your strengths, quirks, and weirdness? If not, it’s time to make a shift. Don’t waste any more time trying to convince people of your worthiness. Get around people who already know; they are your true tribe. 
3. Take a risk.
You can’t play big if you’re committed to staying small and safe! Go to that dance class that intimidates you. Ask a new friend out to coffee. Apply for the job. Make the damn thing. Commit to your growth + healing. Just make a move, girl! 

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Interview with Steph Jagger, author of UNBOUND

Steph Jagger is not only my personal life coach, she is a world traveler, adventure seeker, world record smashing skier, and author of UNBOUND, a gorgeous feminist call to action for anyone who believes there is more to life than smashing the corporate ladder and getting a mortgage. 

Steph's journey coming alive and living UNBOUND is one that inspires my everyday life and truly changed my life in 2016. Steph was born into a privileged family and in her late 20's felt unfulfilled and chose to ask for more. She is a firm believer that as much as we need stories of women overcoming and healing from pain, we also need stories of women who choose more in the midst of good- choosing great, choosing ourselves, finding ourselves. 

Her raw, hilarious, and strong feminine presence can be felt in our interview and is weaved into the writing of her book. I'm so thrilled to finally share this interview with you and to announce that her book is officially launched!

Get more of Steph here:




A Life-Coach's encouragement to all the women who don't see their brilliance

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A Life-Coach's encouragement to all the women who don't see their brilliance

The most interesting part of this job is losing the shock. Losing the shock that gorgeous, talented, successful, happy women are struggling, really struggling, to feel like their true self. 

When talking to these women I think,

“You are so amazing! Surely you don’t feel like you have to wear a mask. Surely youhave friends who know you deeply. Surely you, of all women, have the confidence and self acceptance to do anything you set your mind to.”

Yet, they are stuck in fear of what others think. Living with a mask on.  Crippled by self judgement. Held back by limiting beliefs. Feeling inadequate, feeling less than, feeling unworthy, like a fraud.
Sound familiar?
Even the women I look up to tell me they have these struggles.
That girl you follow on Instagram, that blogger, that celebrity, that girl who has "made it" in your industry, even me.
Why do we stay stuck in this?

Why not choose to live in abundance, believe you are enough, believe you are worthy, sexy, talented, and brilliant?
It takes time to train your mind and your beliefs. It’s okay that you aren’t there yet. But please, start. It’s about time you showed up believing that you are brilliant and deserving. It’s freaking time!


Decide to move. Stop suffering and choose to step into growth. 
(Watch this video).

Take time to notice your thoughts. When you say, “I’m feeling so off, I don’t know what’s wrong with me!” Yes, you do know.  Pause and sit with your question.
What’s bothering you?
Vent it onto paper, you may find you already have your answer.

Do something that scares you. Have that courageous conversation. Stand up for what you believe. Get honest. Go to dinner alone. Wear the dress that makes you look hellasexy. (cuz you’re allowed to!)
I’m done being shocked when women struggle to see their brilliance. Now, the thing that shocks me is when they would rather stay stuck than move. You can have more! Trust me, you’re not alone in your fears, but you’re also not alone in your journey.
You don’t have to stay stuck.
You have a choice.

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