This month's manifesto was birthed out of my writings and reflections on this past year. The holiday months are the months we visit our childhood homes, mingle with memories both good and bad, and for many of us, come face to face with our current home. For me, this past year has been one of coming home; home to my heart, home to my faith, and home in a physical sense, where I try to create a warm, intimate and vulnerable space to live fully present and fully myself with my husband and friends. To me, the journey of going home is the journey of our lives. It's being real, being wild, and being free to be who you really are.  This manifesto is about that. 

image taken by Sarah Stracke

image taken by Sarah Stracke

Home is where my soul runs wild

Home is where I’m free

Home is where I let go

I am finally free.

I am home, right here in me.

Here at home in the mess.

Here at home I know I’m safe.

Here at home I find my grace.

I am finally free.

I am home, right here in me.

I am free.

Run wild, my soul. Be free.

I hope your final month of 2015 is one of finding home and ultimately coming alive to the reality of who you are. There is such freedom in being unapologetically yourself. That is my 2015 take away. 

What's yours?

Monthly Manifesto: POWERFUL WOMAN


A manifesto for powerful women.

I am a powerful woman.

I choose to stand.

I will not be weighed down by the past

I stand

I rise

I overcome.


I choose grace.

First for myself and then for others

I love

I give

I receive.


I choose ownership.

I will own my life and my calling

I will make hard choices

I can



I am a powerful woman.

I choose to stand.

What about you?

How are you stepping up this month and choosing to be a powerful woman?