Immediately level-up your girl-gang by discovering your Safe People + A FREE worksheet!

Immediately level-up your girl-gang by discovering your Safe People + A FREE worksheet!

Four years ago I had just gone through the biggest friendship breakup. (The kind where passive letters are exchanged, people are deleted from social media, and theres an ache in the pit of your stomach. It wasn't pretty). The end of the friendship along with the major issues I had trusting women, boundary issues I had with my family, and fear of being truly known all pointed me to finally get my butt in therapy. 

In my first session, I was surprised my therapist asked, "who are your safe people?"

My safe people? 

As a vivacious extrovert, I had plenty of friends, but none that really knew me; none I felt completely myself around. In the midst of my social bubble, I felt completely alone. It hit me like a ton of bricks. I didn't know what healthy friendship looked like. I thought having petty drama in my life was normal!  I thought hiding who I was in my relationships out of fear was something everybody did. My "aha" moment started a long journey to developing boundaries, learning my safe people, and understanding where I truly began. 

Since, I have learned to align my life from the inside out. I’ve become my own friend first; finally living according to my values and have put myself first. I've shifted my friendships from a mile wide and an inch deep, and now go a mile deep and an inch wide. 

I’ve learned that my energy and love are resources I need to honor! My closest friendships are sacred, meaningful, and most of all, safe. I can be myself and trust I'll be loved. I never worry about gossip or drama. 

If you struggle feeling secure in your girl-gang, like you could use a boundaries boost, or like you simply want to up-level your circle of influence, give attention to your inner circle! Be intentional about your girl-gang and who you consider "safe."

Snag my free "Safe People" worksheet and get started cultivating an epic girl-gang where you feel fully known and fully loved!




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