micro-blog: embodying a Power Stance to Radiate Your Worth

Embodying a Power Stance to Radiate Your Worth

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Did you ever notice how the way you stand can directly impact the way you feel, and the way you act?

Let me tell you about my POWER STANCE.


The key to radical self-confidence is all in the way we stand in our worth. I mean, you can’t realistically expect the people around you to believe something you don’t believe, yourself, right? But babe, when you stand in your power, radiating a message of worth, value and confidence, SO. MUCH. SHIFTS.

We spend so much time checking out, escaping and avoiding. We’re often plugged into everything but us.

Reconnect with your body.

BE in your body.

It’s time to take your power stance.

Seriously, stand up right now. Breathe into your belly and *feel your power.* Allow your shoulders to drop down and angle back. Bring your belly and chest outward as you inhale confidence and exhale doubt.

Enough playing small

Enough hiding. Enough dreaming about who you "could be." Right now, start being the hero of your own story, and take a stand as the powerful woman you really are.

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Why not today?

Start every day reminding yourself of your power and your worth. Ground yourself in a foundation of confident self-love. Download my free morning checklist to help you begin the day feeling powerful and sure.