micro-blog: Releasing the Past and Living the Story that Feels like Home

Releasing the Past and Living the Story that Feels like Home

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Can you imagine if you became the exact version of you that your 20, 25 or even 30 year old self hoped you'd be? I don't know about you, but my younger self would be both in awe and terrified of the woman I've become.

my younger self had the perfect plans

She had just the right plans for me, and she didn't want to surrender her plans: an idea of love, marriage, success and happiness so small compared to what I now have.

Letting go of those plans was hard, but the truth is, I sure as hell don't want my 20 year old self running the stories of my life. Her stories were hopeful, but limited. Her programming drove her to earn love and strive for success, rather than *being* love and embodying success. Her pattern was to look outside herself for the steps, and follow them to a T, rather than source from within. She gave away her peace by looking to other people for her validation. She lived with the fear that she wasn’t enough, and never would be enough. She hid her discontent behind a smile that portrayed her as happy.

I’m willing to let the old me go so I can be reborn into who I'm meant to be.

I’m willing to let go of the programming, shame and stories she was handed and clung to. 

I’m willing to let go of the big dreams that once propelled me forward but no longer align with who I choose to be.

I’m willing to take full responsibility and write the stories my Soul wants to live.

it’s time to release the past

Sister, free yourself from the expectations your younger self agreed to. Your life, your healing, your path to wholeness, your success… it’s all UNFOLDING, new each day. You are not forced to dwell within the chapters of a story that no longer feels like home.

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allow the old to fall away

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