How much is staying stuck costing you?

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Staying stuck cost me my life.

Four years ago, I was one of the funnest, most vibrant people you'd meet. If you knew me, you'd know that I was the life of the party and always smiling. What you wouldn't know, is that I was completely insecure, did "good" things to give myself worth, was in constant need of affirmation, and was carrying around a TON of shame.

And I paid the price for my brokenness.

Nothing I did was ever good enough. I lost friendships because I lacked boundaries, suffered from anxiety-induced health problems, tried to become the people I admired instead of owning my uniqueness; I burnt myself out and beat myself up.

With help I slowly began to shift. I got to know myself. I set goals. I saw coaches and counselors. I read books. I gave my life to the real work of change.


Looking back, I can see how clearly I paid the price for my stressful way of life: all the busyness, the shame, the fears and insecurities weren't serving me. They were billing me and I was paying the price I chose to pay until I stepped up and owned my life.

What payments are you unwilling to make any longer?

What are you paying for that you could release?

Free yourself up from the burden. Stop paying for things you don't deserve.

It's expensive to stay broken.

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