A Life-Coach's encouragement to all the women who don't see their brilliance

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A Life-Coach's encouragement to all the women who don't see their brilliance

The most interesting part of this job is losing the shock. Losing the shock that gorgeous, talented, successful, happy women are struggling, really struggling, to feel like their true self. 

When talking to these women I think,

“You are so amazing! Surely you don’t feel like you have to wear a mask. Surely youhave friends who know you deeply. Surely you, of all women, have the confidence and self acceptance to do anything you set your mind to.”

Yet, they are stuck in fear of what others think. Living with a mask on.  Crippled by self judgement. Held back by limiting beliefs. Feeling inadequate, feeling less than, feeling unworthy, like a fraud.
Sound familiar?
Even the women I look up to tell me they have these struggles.
That girl you follow on Instagram, that blogger, that celebrity, that girl who has "made it" in your industry, even me.
Why do we stay stuck in this?

Why not choose to live in abundance, believe you are enough, believe you are worthy, sexy, talented, and brilliant?
It takes time to train your mind and your beliefs. It’s okay that you aren’t there yet. But please, start. It’s about time you showed up believing that you are brilliant and deserving. It’s freaking time!


Decide to move. Stop suffering and choose to step into growth. 
(Watch this video).

Take time to notice your thoughts. When you say, “I’m feeling so off, I don’t know what’s wrong with me!” Yes, you do know.  Pause and sit with your question.
What’s bothering you?
Vent it onto paper, you may find you already have your answer.

Do something that scares you. Have that courageous conversation. Stand up for what you believe. Get honest. Go to dinner alone. Wear the dress that makes you look hellasexy. (cuz you’re allowed to!)
I’m done being shocked when women struggle to see their brilliance. Now, the thing that shocks me is when they would rather stay stuck than move. You can have more! Trust me, you’re not alone in your fears, but you’re also not alone in your journey.
You don’t have to stay stuck.
You have a choice.

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