Healing the soul through the body | Interview with my counselor Jim Lee via The Bravery Board

Healing the soul through the body with *my  own counselor,* Jim Lee | Interview via The Bravery Board

From 2015-2017 I was a part in co-founding The Bravery Board- a mental health collective and podcast. This is one of my favorite interviews I did. Learn more about The Bravery Board here. 

"Does your body hold trauma? How does one let go of pain from their childhood? What does it really mean to be a whole person? In this episode Madison dives deep with her own personal counselor and energy psychologist, Jim Lee.

Jim has served the last 18 years as a pastor and counselor. Three years ago, he started a new business called Lee Inner Fitness, LLC where he implements a combination of energy psychology and applied kinesiology into his counseling. He is a masters level practitioner through the Splankna Therapy Institute and is also one of three trainers in the U.S. teaching counselors and pastors how to apply this amazing tool in the lives of people. Besides counseling and training other counselors, Jim also speaks to groups on emotional health.
Jim and his wife, Kelly, will be celebrating 25 years of marriage this summer. They have three sons, Nate, Matthew, and Jonathan and live in the Kansas City metro area. Jim holds a BSBA from Rockhurst University in Kansas City, Missouri and an MA from Trinity College & Theological Seminary in Newburgh, Indiana." -Via The Bravery Board

For more information on Jim's work, he can be reached at jlee@leeinnerfitness.com