My favorite resources for coaches, creative entrepreneurs, and passion-filled business owners

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My favorite resources for coaches, creative entrepreneurs, and passion-filled business owners

Since becoming a coach nearly 2 years ago, I have been astonished at the steady growth in my business- from 1 client, to 4, to 12, to 25… and now am able to run 2 successful group mentorships on top of it, I am beyond grateful.  

I frequently get messages asking me for advice in growing a coaching or passion-filled business, and although I want to tell everyone exactly what I did, I truly need to give credit to the awesome women and men who were my teachers. Together with them I was able to create a business that works for me. Today I want to share with you the programs I’ve taken, and the tools I know work in growing a successful business with heart.

**I am only promoting things I personally have invested in and would pay for again myself. There have been programs, webinars, and tools I used I am not sharing because these are truly the ones I believe in the most.

Beautiful You Coaching Academy  | If you want to become a coach:

If you want to become a coach in any capacity, I highly encourage taking the Beautiful You Coaching Academy Program. It is less than half the cost of one semester in college and gives insights that are truly the foundation for a successful coaching practice.

I am a proud affiliate with BYCA because the community, support and knowledge I gained from taking the course is 100% the basis for my success. If you’re interested in becoming a coach, check out my affiliate offers here (that means free coaching!!)

The course is now enrolling for the 2018 programs: Feb, May, October 2018



The Indigo Experience | If you want to step things up and feel good in your life + business:


Indigo-Ad-2 (1).png

The Indigo Experience is a passion-project of mine to personally serve those of you who reach out, are eager to learn, and want more than 5 steps to success. It’s a LIVE 2-day experience in Los Angeles November 11-12! Hosted by Brand Strategist Kinsey Mhire, Life and Wellness Coach Sarah Lajeunesse and myself, we are bringing you a workshop for dreamers who want to move past obstacles, awaken to their magic, and claim life on your terms!

Join us for a  life-changing experience to develop new-found hope, clarity, and tools to actually overcome past obstacles and limiting beliefs that prevent you from moving forward into your dream life, while gaining the strategies and tools you need to make your business thrive.

Register now!


Hey Sweet Pea | If you want to follow heart-centered leaders who are all about quality, integrity, and high level service.

I have been buying and soaking up everything from Elise and Scott Grice of Hey Sweet Pea for years. Everything from their content on branding to their mentorship in building a tribe, creating systems, and having boundaries in business, the Hey Sweet Pea team have been true mentors to me. Although they are no longer offering the programs I have taken from them as they are doing even better things now, I highly encourage you to join their email list to see when their next program rolls out! It’s sure to be amazing. And while you're at it, give them a follow on all social media channels. :)

MA’s Business Bootcamp | If you want to learn the basics of an online business:

Taking Melissa’s Business Bootcamp deepened the business tools I gained in the Beautiful You Coaching Academy. I was struggling to narrow in on where my gifts and ideal clients intersected in a valuable, marketable way and this ecourse helped me narrow my niche early on. If you want to learn the ropes of email marketing, opt-ins, and discovering your niche, this might be super helpful for you!


And some loving advice before you go:

-Your own personal wellness is imperative to serve at a high level:

You must take care of your mind, body, and spirit. You must invest in yourself and keep your mind strong! Do not devalue yourself by putting all your money into great graphic design and Instagram content and not your own growth!  Invest in your own personal non-business related 1-on-1 coaching, go to therapy if you need to, and get sleep. You cannot serve the world if you are withering away in poor health and bad habits. Put yourself first. (This is why any business-building programs I offer like BYCA and The Indigo Experience all encompass some form of personal development, coaching, and self-reflection).

-Get around like-minded people:

You cannot do it alone. I don’t care how tough you are babe, you have got to get into community. You need cheerleaders, biz-besties, and people in your arena. Go to events like Yellow Conference and meet your online friends in real life (I did!), create a mastermind of 3-4 women on the same path as you and Skype weekly (I do!!), come to The Indigo Experience and give me a big fat hug! Don’t limit yourself. Give yourself the chance to show up, be challenged, supported, and most of all, seen.

-Be properly trained in what you want to do, but don’t try to be perfect

I see many so people hesitate putting good work into the world because they are waiting for the perfect Instagram photo, the top-dollar website, and the approval from their second cousin’s best friend they don’t even like. But what I really see is lots of fear. Don’t let fear of doing it imperfectly stop you from doing it! If you have something of true value to share with the world, don’t hold it back! Learn all you can, be in integrity with what you share, and then go for it!

I hope this was helpful!

Oh, and your official invite! I would love to have you join me at The Indigo Experience. Watch the video below and get ready for a weekend workshop that will change your life (and business!)