micro-blog: Confident Woman: When Self-Worth Meets Courage

micro-blog: Confident Woman: When Self-Worth Meets Courage

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The thing about women with confidence is that their power shows up in the subtlest of ways.

What do you envision when you think about a confident woman?

Maybe you picture a woman flaunting her body in a bikini, or a woman with a loud voice and strong opinions. Sometimes, that’s exactly what a confident woman is, but confidence wears many faces.

Today, I’m inviting you to broaden your perception of confidence.

A confident woman has nothing to prove.

She’s free to follow her path, loving herself when she makes mistakes, and believing in herself when she’s met with a challenge.

"No thank you.” falls gently but surely from the lips of a confident woman. Confident women honor their commitments, doing the work behind the scenes to cultivate a thriving life. 

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Confidence is when TRUE self-worth meets courage.

It grounds you. Anchors you. Reminds you of the wealth of value within. When you’re grounded to your truth, external events cannot steal your peace.  

The subtle nuances of confidence show up steadfast in the face of turmoil, and triumphant in the elevation of accomplishment. Confidence may sometimes be quiet, but it is always available to you. It is always accessible.

You can choose to move into deeper confidence.

You can start where you are, right now.


Ready for Radical Confidence?

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