Jamie Lee Finch Instagram LIVE

Self-Belonging, Sovereignty & Reconnecting to our Bodies

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On August 28th, 2019 I was so so pleased to be able to go LIVE on Instagram with Sex Witch, Intuitive Healer, Poet and Sexuality & Embodiment Coach Jamie Lee Finch. Jamie has overcome her own trauma from childhood and religion to reconnect with her body and helps others come back to themselves and find ways to re-relate & communicate with their own bodies.

It is such a juicy conversation around healing, our bodies and reconnecting to ourselves on numerous levels. You can listen to the whole conversation below.

Enjoy, loves!


In the Spirit of reconnecting to yourself daily:

The Soul Aligned Morning is a meditation I created in support of becoming quiet,

tuning into your soul and valuing your inner voice. 

Hillary McBride LIVE Q&A

Faith, Friendship After Deconstruction, Belonging to Ourselves & More

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Hillary Mcbride, the Vancouver based therapist, researcher, speaker and author of “Mother’s Daughters, and Body Image: Learning to Love Ourselves as we are” came LIVE with me on Instagram on August 18, 2019 to answer your burning questions about fostering right-relationships with faith, boundaries, friendship after deconstruction, sexual trauma and belonging to ourselves.

Listen to us take on these topics and share our journeys, lessons and how to move through these things with grace and compassion.


If this is resonating with you,

you can join Hillary McBride, Barbara Erochina and I alongside 16 women for an intimate retreat for healing spiritual wounds and trauma.

Get all the information here

The Calm Collective Podcast with Cassandra Eldridge

Healing Our Wounds, Living Out Our Values & Rising in Our Self Worth

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My conversation with mindfulness blogger and photographer Cassandra Eldridge was powerful! 

I spoke on:

  • how my past childhood wounds molded my work in coaching

  • leaving organized religion to co-create a life that aligns with my TRUE essence

  • showing up in self-worth in relationships

  • the difference between self-worth & confidence

  • my relationship to money, building a 6-figure business and a team 

And so so much more, including worthiness in the financial realm, our beliefs around thriving in our purpose and careers and talk around my program, Awaken Her Soul. Listen in on our juicy conversation:

Or click over to the podcast here


P.S. If you enjoyed this podcast, check out my convo with Kylie from Zura Health

In the spirit of self-trust,

The Soul Aligned Morning is a meditation I created in support of becoming quiet

and trusting and valuing your inner voice. 

The Real Female Entrepreneur Podcast: New Patterns for Unapologetic Happiness

Changing Your Life and Overcoming Trauma Through Boundaries 


I had a great time on The Real Female Entrepreneur, connecting about self-care, healthy boundaries and successfully handling toxic people.

Are your stand-by coping mechanisms still serving you?

 If you’re feeling stuck in a place you don’t want to be, it’s time to start practicing new patterns that work for [the real] you.

 Every moment, you’re teaching people how to treat you, even if you aren’t consciously trying to.  As you become more successful, hours in the day seem fewer, while responsibilities and commitments grow.

You can’t keep shining your beautiful light if you never replenish your ember.

It’s okay to say no. It’s okay to practice radical self-care. Click in and level up your self care game with The Soul Aligned Morning.