Reflections on Winning the BYCA International Coach of the Year Award

Reflections on Winning the BYCA International Coach of the Year Award


It’s hard to believe that this time last year, I was preparing to travel for the first time to Melbourne, Australia with my husband Phil to accept the International Coach of the Year Award from Beautiful You Coaching Academy. Looking back at the whole experience, I still feel so joyful about my coaching journey and this milestone, and I could not be more grateful.

I’m so thankful to Julie Parker and the BYCA team for honoring me with the Award for 2017/2018 and for asking me to be the featured writer in Inspired Coach Magazine!

My husband Phil and I (all dressed up) in Melbourne, Australia where I received the BYCA International Coach of the Year Award.

My husband Phil and I (all dressed up) in Melbourne, Australia where I received the BYCA International Coach of the Year Award.

During my time in Melbourne with my fellow Beautiful You Certified Coaches, I not only had THE best coffee I’ve ever had, I was given the opportunity to pause, breathe, and celebrate the life I've chosen to claim as my own. My 3-year journey as a coach has stretched me in so many ways + flipped my world upside down.  [Read my blog post from my first year as a coach here].

Moments like this make me realize how grateful I truly am to have chosen to follow my heart and do this work.

In the 3 years since launching my business, I have left behind versions of myself too small to dance in, made heaps of mistakes (many of them grammar related LOL!), worked too hard, asked for help, built a team of incredible women that help me succeed, learned to laugh at myself, give grace to others, have met the best humans on earth and have had the privilege of coaching 200+ of them.  

I am so proud of the woman this work has made me. I've become (and am still becoming) the woman of my dreams:

A woman who is open.

A woman who shows up for herself and others.

A woman with strong and loving boundaries.

A woman who works with intention and from passion.

A woman able to receive.

A woman who asks for more.

and most of all...  

A woman who believes she is worthy.

Receiving the Award from the Amazing Julie Parker, Director of Beautiful You Coaching Academy.

Receiving the Award from the Amazing Julie Parker, Director of Beautiful You Coaching Academy.

Receiving the BYCA International Coach of the Year Award has been one of the greatest honors of my life.

Receiving the BYCA International Coach of the Year Award has been one of the greatest honors of my life.

The incredible coaches who also received awards for their accomplishments and programs in 2017/2018.

The incredible coaches who also received awards for their accomplishments and programs in 2017/2018.

A huge thank you to every person who has been on this path with me. It's the coolest getting to grow alongside you.



My step-by-step process for setting goals that will make you feel amazing!

My step-by-step process for setting goals that will make you feel amazing!

Last week I had the amazing opportunity of being featured on the local news! (Thanks Fox 5 + Janelle Brandom!!)During the interview I dished out a few tips on setting and achieving goals, and in my true nature, I wanted to expand on what I said and give you a my “get shit done” process!

This is exactly how I go about setting goals and making to-do lists in my own life so I hope it is helpful for you!

First, discover what you really want!

You might think you want a promotion, to get a different degree, or lose 10 lbs… but there is always a deeper reason why, a deeper desire behind the goal. When I work with clients I always ask, “how will achieving that make you feel? What will be different about your life when you get to that point?” 

A few tips to get right to the heart of what you really (deep down) want:

From here, it’s easy to work backwards and set goals that honor the true you!

Then, make an actionable, simple plan! 

This is all about bridging where you are to where you want to be. Most people get overwhelmed and try to do a radical life change, mapping out their entire year and giving themselves way too much to do day 1. As the old saying goes, most people over-estimate what they can get done in a day and under-estimate what they can get done in a year!

At this point, you already know what you want your life to be like, and chances are, you know the kind of things you want to feel a year from now. Let’s pull it back and focus on making the next 3 months practical and aligned with your big vision. 

My actionable 3 by 3 method:

  • Make plans for 3 big projects/goals every 3 months (i.e. Quarterly goals)

  • Map out all your other big ideas + plans for the other 3 quarters of the year, then set them aside! This way you won’t forget them, but they won’t be a distraction from the task at hand!

  • Break down your 3-month goals into weekly tasks- 3 big tasks a week to be exact!

  • At the start of each week, write out a to-do list of 1-3 things you can do each day toward your goal!


I keep it to 3 because it’s simple and keeps me from overwhelm!  (There’s nothing more defeating than a to-do list you can’t ever get done!)  


To sum it up: get clear about who you are and what you really want. Then align your life by making simple changes; taking small, actionable steps every day. 

Things to remember as you make goals for yourself this year:

  • Success that doesn’t make you fulfilled isn’t success at all!
  • Changing too much at once leads to burnout- keep it simple + strategic
  • Life change is hard, don’t be afraid to reach out and ask for help from an accountability partner, life coach, mentor, or friend!
  • You’re going to bomb from time to time. This is normal. Keep that shame-story far away and simply try again tomorrow!

I hope this was helpful to you! If so, go ahead and share with your girlfriends on Facebook! There’s nothing like having support from friends while you chase your dreams together. 

In love, Madison

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Celebrating my one year coaching anniversary at the BYCA Inspiration Day

While I was in San Fran speaking on the BYCA panel, I also celebrated my one year anniversary as a life coach!  If I’m honest, it was a hell of a year, and I didn’t stop to look up until last week.  As I was flying to San Fransisco to speak at the Beautiful You Inspiration Day it hit me: 

I'm living my freaking dream. 

As gorgeous as the photos are and how amazing the event was, I want to share not only the highlights of my year and photos of the event, I also want to be real about what this past year has been like.  Ups, downs, success, failure. It's been a year of coming alive. 

One year in business for myself. 

One year of love, learning, growth, collaboration, hard work, and well, coaching my gorgeous clients. This past year I’ve been blessed to coach 28 women, speak to over 200 people at gatherings, start a podcast, start a local collaborative in my hometown, be coached by some of the best in the biz, develop the best friendships I’ve ever had, be a part of more beautiful conversations than most people should have in a lifetime, travel to speak, and grow my business to full-time income (YAY!!).

Successes usually don't come without lessons. 

You may not know that while all the successes were coming in, I also worked 4 jobs, sometimes working 80 hour weeks, worked opposite schedules as my husband for periods of time, was criticized for my work, felt like I was being stretched far beyond what I was able, deconstructed my faith, learned how to take care of myself, learned to work smarter not harder, went to counseling (a lot), and came alive more than I thought I ever would. I’ve learned much more than a year’s worth. 

You can’t make your business about coming alive if you’re not willing to go through the fire yourself!

That’s why I’m sharing both the highlights and the lowest lows, not to get pity or to make you think I had it hard, but to remind you that the journey is sometimes messy.

Your journey won’t be picture perfect. And that’s okay! In fact, I think great years are made up of so much more than glitter, sunshine, speaking gigs, and fun travels.

Great years are the years you let life have it’s way with you.

Where you surrender to what’s coming, unfolding, and unraveling. All the things that I let go of this year turned out to bless me 10 times over.  Every moment I chose to lean into my fear and failures, they turned to freaking gold.  I have learned more about myself than ever, healed patterns that no longer served me, overcame negative beliefs, and strengthened my relationships because I let myself experience all this year had to offer. 

True joy comes from living fully alive and allowing the real you to rise. 

I can say I honestly feel fully alive, and I am just so grateful for all this first year as a coach has brought into my life. Celebrating my one year with BYCA at the Inspiration Day was so special. 

It was a day I’ll never forget.

^^^Rachel Gadiel killing it. 

^^^Travis Barton and I twinning at the event.

^^^Amy Mackenzie of Designing Her Life and I hugging it out. We've been online friends for a year and a half and finally got to meet in person, and share the stage!

^^^ My first Inspiration Day, meeting Julie Parker Summer 2015

Christine Rose Elle pouring her heart out in the most poetic talk I've ever heard.

*All photos used with permission from the gorgeous Fi Mims Photography  

A couple of my favorite iphone snaps:

If you've been a part of my journey thus far, from my first Inspiration Day, my first clients, my Bravery Board gals, my friends, every single person who believed in me- thank you. I'm overwhelmed with gratitude. 

Cheers to living fully alive and achieving our dreams!

Steal all the wisdom I gained at The Yellow Conference 2016


Two weeks ago the girls from The Bravery Board and I packed our bags and flew from the midwest to Los Angeles with open hearts for The Yellow Conference. I wish I could have taken each of you with me to share in the experience! It was a room of women electric with passion to not only change the world, but change themselves and grow together in the process. 

This is my Yellow 2016 recap: steal all the wisdom I gained and apply it to your life!

"Don't ask what the world needs, ask what makes you come alive." -Joanna Waterfall,

founder of The Yellow Conference shared in her welcome speech. This girl is as humble as she is inspiring and I couldn't agree more. 

notes I scribbled down as the speakers shared: 


"Don't shelter yourself from rejection." 
  • There is never a perfect time to follow your passion, so why not start now? 
  • "I do not associate with people who blame the world for their problems. You are your only problem. But you are also your solution." -Megan from Bridesmaids


"Do the work of discovering, celebrating, owning, and sharing the things that make you weird." 
  • In a sea of same, weird wins. Stop hiding the things that make you unique, your weirdness is what will change the world!
  • It may not be normal to love yourself, to choose to thrive, but in doing it, you pave the way for others to do it too! 


 "Is the way you spend your day a reflection of what matters most to you?" 
  • Live more slowly: simplify, live in the moment, go outside, and be willing to ask what story your life is writing. 
  • I was really inspired to think about conscious living from her talk, and to give more attention to purchasing sustainable brands, managing my time, and being present every moment of every day.


"You've gotta know what's keeping you in prison before you can get out."
  • Your life is your art, your life is your masterpiece
  • You are not tied to your stories, you are tied to what you do with them. (aka if you don't like it, write a new one!)


"No one buys the knockoff without wishing they could afford the real thing... you're ready to be a replica if you have no foundation."
  • Knowing your values is building a foundation for an authentic life
  • Values + Alignment = Dream life!
  • Values are traits that represent your highest priorities and deeply held driving forces. Owning them teaches others how to interact with us. 


"Kids are not afraid to be happy."
  • The things that really matter are love, joy, and light. Live like this a little bit more. 


"If you want to change the world, you have to start with your own."
  • Whose permission are you waiting for? Why couldn't you do that thing? Why couldn't you love yourself? Why couldn't you make a difference!?
  • Heal yourself first. Living a life of purpose can't be fulfilled unless you focus on healing you first. 

All in all, I left The Yellow Conference feeling inspired to live a life more authentic every day. To ask myself the hard questions, to get aligned with who I really am, spend more time in community, and to daily ask myself,

"why not me?" 

I'm so excited to bring the energy and love I gained from Yellow to this space. Cheers to inspiration! Photos c/o Cacá Santoro for The Yellow Conference.

enjoy this and want more?