Who needs a life coach, anyway? 5 traits all my clients share


Life coaching, who the heck needs it!? It isn't counseling. It isn't exactly mentorship... so, who is it for? Today I want to lay out what I look for in my clients. If you are considering coaching as an option for your own life, read through these and see if any of them resonate with you!  

1. Someone who is ready to take action:

People who get the most from coaching are people who recognize there is more for them. They know there is untapped potential inside themselves and are eager to grow. They are sick and tired of the same-old and are ready to come alive in new ways. 

2. Someone in the midst of a big change

Many of my clients are in the midst of big changes in life or are coming out of a season of big change. From divorce, to breakups, to moving cities, to job changes; change in life often brings big lessons and clarity which would not have come otherwise. I have seen my clients grow and stretch in those times like never before, and I know from watching it in my clients and seeing a coach myself, that having support brings massive clarity which otherwise happens more slowly. 

3. Someone who wants to overcome old thought patterns

This is probably the foundation for all of my work as a coach. Seeing my clients overcome fear, shame, and step into their new ways of thinking brings me so much joy. Once you change your mind, your actions and life follow. When my clients say things like "I'm so ready for a change" or "I just can't live in this rut anymore," I know that they are a perfect candidate for coaching. 

4. Someone who wants to be their best

A client of mine recently said that she feels like I am her ballet teacher. Although she is very skilled in self awareness and is great at taking care of herself, she knows from experience in performance how having a coach, practicing, reflecting, and having an outside perspective is what makes good, great.

(Coaching isn't meant to make you someone you're not, it helps you become YOUR best. It's the fine tuning, the support, and the perspective to keep you on the path you want to go on. It's helping your dance YOUR dance your best)

5. Someone who is willing to do the work.

Most people desire confidence, a healthy lifestyle, and amazing relationships. But unfortunately, most people do not actively seek those things out. The women I work with are done letting life pass them by. They know the only time to make those changes is today. They don't let life slip through their fingertips, they take life by the... steering wheel. 

If you have more questions about coaching, what it is and who it is for, be sure to read more here. 


If you are ready to take life by the (you know) and really come alive to your best, book a 30 minute with me. It's free, it's non-committal, and it will give you a lot of clarity about what coaching can do for you.