Awaken Her Soul 14 week mentorship program

-Enrolling October 2019-

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Are you longing to break through your limiting beliefs, stand in your power, and come alive?

Awaken Her Soul provides you step-by-step guidance, virtual group support and coaching, and the practical tools to transform your life from the inside out.  If you've been looking for a way to amp-up your growth, stop living out the old stories that no longer work, + live your truth confidently, then Awaken Her Soul might just be the right next step for you.

madison hedlund life coach and mentor BYCA
madison hedlund life coach and mentor

I created Awaken Her Soul to show women with big callings how to trust their soul’s nudges and rise to the power within.



  • stuck in self-doubt + sabotaging yourself

  • living for everyone else first

  • striving to do and be more

  • giving your power away…

Finally recover from years of repeating these negative patterns and old stories keeping you stuck.



  • with complete clarity on those next steps

  • showing up as the whole, real you every day

  • living with more play, creativity and ease

  • leading your life like the Queen you really are

 You will once and for all claim the identity, spirituality, and life you’ve been craving all along.


Embrace the story you’re meant to live.


This intimate program will take you on a 14 week journey to shed old stories, step into your power, and come alive to the woman you've been craving to be. (The woman you already are deep down).  

It offers not only steps, tools, and stories to guide you, you get group coaching to better understand what is happening in your heart as you move through the material. 

Now, I'm not gonna pretend there isn't work. This program requires you to show up for yourself and take radical responsibility for your life; and if you do, I promise you will graduate renewed with a compassionate understanding of yourself, confidence to live your truth, the ability to trust yourself with those big decisions, and with an epic support system of women who will have seen and loved you through all of it.

Awaken Her Soul will open for enrollment in October 2019. Until then, please enjoy this free 3-part boundaries training for people-pleasers:


  • Access to proven growth strategies and heart-centered group support that have served as the guide over 200 women to: reprogram their brains, claim their worth, and reach their highest potential.

  • 12 Audio Lessons (20-30 minutes each) unlocked weekly, these “sermons” guide you to renew your soul, reprogram your brain, and reach your fullest potential. All Lessons come with corresponding emails, guided timelines, and worksheets to help you practically implement what you learn.

  • 14 weeks of intentional support, fostering deep community alongside a tight-knit group of women walking this journey with you.

  • Lifetime access to all the program content! Meaning, when you do the program once, you’ll be able to come back time and time again, giving you time to grow at your own pace.

  • Private Facebook Sanctuary with access to Madison, giving you personalized support with a heartfelt community.

  • Practical video training  (5-15 minutes each) teaching you the tools I use in my practice daily so you can see immediate results.

  • Weekly meditations to reduce the outside noise as you flow through the program and tap into your own inner voice.

  • A toolbox of resources to help you get organized, find clarity, and give you peace of mind (think guides, checklists, an Ebook and more).

  • Weekly mentorship from experts in emotional, mental and spiritual health, giving you access to the best strategies to find clarity, confidence, and make headway toward your wholeness.



Why I created this mentorship:

When I began my journey, I longed to connect with people who who had my back and would be a safe-space as I wobbled through the choppy, uncharted waters of Coming Alive. (We all know by now, this transformative inner work can be messy AF).

When I realized this group of women wasn't going to magically appear, I created it myself.  I started hosting small gatherings in my home; I invited friends and acquaintances over for soul-talk and lemme tell you, shit. got. real. In a short time I went from leading these gatherings in my home to leading paid workshops in yoga studios, retreats, and across the country!  I knew I was onto something powerful and needed by the tears, laughter, clarity, love and deep transformation in every gathering. 

Now, I have been able to bring that same supportive essence into a virtual program, tethering soul-level connection with transformational content to crack you open and lift you higher.  

This is the program I needed five years ago, when I was on the cusp of my own awakening (which turned out to be more like a death and rebirth). It was built not only by my formal education as a coach, but from my own journals, heartbreaks, and what I have used to truly come alive... and I weaved it all together for you. 



Awaken Her Soul is your space to learn without judgment, let go of the stories holding you back, and come alive to your truth. 


Make peace with yourself once and for all. 


Ready for clarity, transformation, and soul?

Awaken Her Soul will open for enrollment in October 2019. Until then, please enjoy this free 3-part boundaries training for people-pleasers: