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I'm Madison Hedlund, a life coach, speaker and worthiness mentor.

Centered on radical responsibility, resilience and uncovering that authentic magic only you can bring to the table, I coach ambitious and creative women as they reclaim their power and become the heroes of their own story. 


There is nothing wrong with you. 

Meaning, I believe at your core, you are good, worthy and powerful beyond measure. Yep, you heard me right. The work I do is not about "fixing" you, it's about reconnecting you to the power within and helping you remove the programming, limiting beliefs and false stories about yourself that keep you from the True You.

I know you've heard differently... maybe even feel differently. And that's why if you want to feel fully alive, you must shed the old stories keeping you stuck thinking you're broken, tap into the magic of being human, and develop a daily life that supports your true Self. And it’s living from this place of radical worthiness, self-confidence and in your power, that will help you up-level your relationships, career, creativity and live fully alive.

It's time to live confidently, boldly, and fully in the woman you are.


Working with Madison was powerful and life-altering. Coaching has helped me to face my inner-critic and confidently say:
‘Actually, I can. Watch me.’
— Karasyn W
This season of coaching with Madison is, by far, the BEST thing I’ve done for my emotional health and for improving my relationship with myself. Every woman deserves to love herself and to come into her truth. I couldn’t recommend Madison ENOUGH!”
— Hannah C

From my heart to yours:



Madison is a 3x international award winning life coach and speaker who helps women embody their worth, power and fullness. Centered on radical responsibility and resilience, Madison coaches ambitious and creative women as shed layers of old programming keeping them small and finally become the heroes of their own story.

Madison is located in Springfield, Missouri and calls the Midwest home. She has her degree in interpersonal communication with an emphasis in psychology from Missouri State University, is conflict resolution and mediation certified, and is a proudly Certified Beautiful You Life Coach.

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My job title is "life coach" but what I really do is facilitate honest and brave convos that guide people home to their true selves. Who they are beyond the “shoulds,” programming, ego's masks and societal bullshit. (I help people ACTUALLY live true).

I've lived many lives. One as a child in an enmeshed environment. One as a competitive martial artist. One as a hip hop dancer. One as a evangelical radical speaking in tongues. One as a baptist scholar. One as a heretic. One as a seeker of healing. One as a married woman "doing it all right." One as an ambitious entrepreneur. One as a divorcee. One as a woman coming into her own fluid sexuality. Always a question asker. Always shedding. Alchemizing. Taking notes and sharing them with fellow travelers seeking home.

What I know for certain is that I'm killer at helping people see themselves clearly. I have a keen ability to embody the both/and and let healing feel both deep and light at the same time. I think we came here to be fully human and I'm so down to enjoy my time here.

I teach boundaries, sovereignty, self-responsibility and emotional/spiritual wholeness because they are the perfect intersection of what I had to learn to survive and what I studied in college. (Turns out my obsessive tendency to research the shit out of everything I care about until I know all the ins-and-outs paid off in more than one way).

I listen to Ariana Grande and Maggie Rogers on repeat. I love to work, is it obvious?? I buy into the celery juice trend but I'm not dogmatic about it. I live in the buckle of the bible belt. People are unusually surprised at my small stature when I meet them in person.

Let’s just say I’m a lover of all things creative, imaginative, and forward moving. Although I’m a naturally upbeat and energetic person, I took time to dive deep and spend years in therapy and investing in coaching learning to thrive despite a traumatic and dysfunctional history. I’ve learned to sit with the depths of life without getting jaded and believe that no-matter the programming of the past, there is always hope to re-write the script and create a life on your own terms.

Basically, because of the darkness I’ve seen and the joy I’ve been able to alchemize in my own story, I do not fear my full humanity, or yours. It’s my speciality to sit with you in the fear, doubt and wobble and help you turn it into a victorious story of bravery and resilience.

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If you want to know more about my story, work and philosophy, here are some of my all time favorite podcast interviews where I share my story about how I overcame generational trauma, deconstructed and rebuilt my spirituality, and learned to live in wholeness.