Hey there! I'm Madison Hedlund. I am an award winning life coach and speaker on a mission to help women own their story, step up to their power, and come alive to their best. 

I am an easy-going, passionate visionary who is energized by people and truly believes anything is possible. I am dedicated to helping women find their power and live a life they not only love, but are proud to live; to shed the bondage of shame, insecurity, and unworthiness we all wrestle through and bring to light their strengths and purposes.

When I am not coaching and developing new ideas for this space you might find me at home cooking with my husband, having soul talks over tea, cracking jokes at a ladies night, painting, podcast binging, or getting my sweat on at my favorite barre studio, where I like to pretend I am an original Pussycat Doll member. Hey, we all have childhood dreams, right!?


Women who work with me are looking to own their story, find their power, and use their strengths to create a life they are proud to live. They are powerful (they just don't always know it), step up to their greatness (you're ready), and overcome self doubt and shame (sounds good, yea?). They know that creating an amazing life is possible and are eager to live their best, most vibrant life.




Working with Madison was powerful and life-altering. Coaching has helped me to face my inner-critic and confidently say:
‘Actually, I can. Watch me.’
— Karasyn W
This season of coaching with Madison is, by far, the BEST thing I’ve done for my emotional health and for improving my relationship with myself. Every woman deserves to love herself and to come into her truth. I couldn’t recommend Madison ENOUGH!”
— Hannah C


Madison is an award winning Life Coach and speaker who helps women own their story, step out of fear and shame and come alive to their most vibrant, confident selves. Known for her soulful spirit both online and in person, she brings authenticity, power, and creativity into all she does. Whether she is working one on one with clients, facilitating a workshop, or speaking to a large group, it is Madison's deepest desire to see women step up to their very best and truly come alive.

Madison is co-author of Be The Better Bride,  the creator of the Come Alive Journaling Guide, and co-founded of The Bravery Board, a mental health collective and podcast based in Springfield, MO.

Madison has a degree in interpersonal communication and psychology from Missouri State University, a certificate in conflict resolution and mediation,  and is a proudly Certified Beautiful You Life Coach



Through college I spent my time working with inner city girls, mentoring women at a pregnancy care facility, and loving on women through multiple local organizations. During these years I dreamed of being a therapist. Although noble, that route seemed to fall short of what I dreamt for my own life and for what I desired to communicate to women about their future and identity.

Through a self-branding course in college, I fell in love with the idea of coaching and in my gut I knew it was my path. I launched a blog, started reading about living a whole life, discovered holistic food habits and delved deeper into my faith. I married my best friend in this season and although life was good and I knew where I wanted to go, I lacked the confidence and self awareness to get me there. In many ways, I did not know myself, and like many women who don't have a grounded sense of self identity, I become the people I admired instead of being fully me. 





I come from a family where for generations, women were not told they could achieve great things. Many were abused, and most never learned their value until much later in life.  Mental illness was and is a real issue for the women in my family. The thought patterns and habits of these situations found their way into my life. I was SO insecure. I did not believe I was worthy of good things. My mind was toxic, full of ideals and who other people told me I should be.  I found myself to be the biggest hindrance to living the life I wanted, until I sought change.

It wasn't overnight, it wasn't always easy, and I surely haven't arrived. But with help of coaches and counselors, support from my husband and friends, getting real about who I am, and developing healthy thinking, I have been able to overcome unhealthy patterns. I have created new friendships with powerful women. I am unashamed of who I am.  I believe I can live out the life I once thought was only a dream. 

I finally am living a life I am proud of (and you can too).


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